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Friends Family Foools: a new free-flow project in Moscow

Opened in the middle of August, Friends Family Foools is a new bistro in the centre of Moscow, on Maroseyka Street. The restaurant uses Tillypad’s club system for automation: as you enter the restaurant, you get a smart card to which all your orders are added; and when you decide to leave, you can pay for the total of all your orders saved on the card.
The Team
Friends Family Foools (FFF) comes from the team behind Hell’s Pizza food trucks. Trained at Starbucks School, they won the awards of ‘O Da! Eda!’ Food Festival and ‘The Best Restaurant Concept 2016’ of 'Afisha' Magazine.
What is FFF?
Friends Family Foools is about people.
First, FFF is about the people who come here. Whether you come for a work lunch, or to spend an evening with friends over a glass of cherry cider—everybody is welcome.
Secondly, it's about the people who made FFF. Friends Family Foools is a self-ironic name of the team whose slogan is: 'do what you love, share it with your friends, family, and other fools like us'.
Finally, FFF team accurately follows their ‘F-concepts’: 'F' stands for fresh, fast, fair, and fun. By all odds, Tillypad has greatly contributed to the ‘fast’ part of the ‘F-concepts’.
The Food
FFF has it all for fast and casual dining: the food is prepared in the open kitchen in a matter of minutes. Fresh ingredients are laid out on the counter, right in front of your eyes. You can order according to a recipe or ask the chef to add ingredients to your liking, creating your own dish.
The Service
The orders made during your visit to FFF are added to a smart card received at the entrance. All you have to do is to hold your card to the card reader on the counter. At that moment, you will see your tab with newly and previously added order items on the iPad, serving as a customer display. When you are ready to leave, simply give your card to the cashier on your way out. The cashier will scan the card to see the total and give you the bill for payment.
The free-flow concept works well both for the customers and for the restaurateurs. Here, in a more casual setting, you can order at the counter at any time you wish, without waiting for staff assistance. Besides, you don’t have to ask for your bill to be brought up to the table, as you pay on departure thanks to the club system. Therefore, to the benefit of the owners, a guest tab in a free-flow restaurant is generally higher than in a classic restaurant.
The automation of Friends Family Foools was made jointly by Optimal Soft and TI-Service, Tillypad’s official representatives in Moscow and St. Petersburg.