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Introducing Tillypad's sixth Berkarar client, Cafe Illy

One more venue in Berkarar, Turkmenistan's largest shopping mall, has been automated with Tillypad, marking the company’s sixth automation in the complex. This latest addition to Tillypad’s client portfolio is a coffee shop operated under the Illy brand, Italy’s oldest coffee manufacturer and distributor.
Many of the mall’s visitors prefer the exceptional quality of the coffee, coffee drinks and desserts offered by this renowned roasting company. Some visit Illy to have a short break from shopping and relax at one of the cafe’s tables. Still others take advantage of the cafe’s takeaway option, which allows them to enjoy their treats on the go, for example, at the Berkarar cinema located only a few metres away.
Unlike in the United Kingdom where tips are made voluntarily, different rules of dining etiquette apply in Turkmenistan. Here service charges are almost always added to the bill by default, except in cases of takeaway orders. To accommodate this special requirement, Tillypad’s Turkmenistan dealer Akmurad Annageldyev has configured a separate takeaway seating layout that allows Illy’s cashiers to simultaneously serve multiple guests without automatically adding a service charge.
In addition to its excellent coffee, which is brewed strictly to Illy standards and uses only approved bean suppliers, machines and technology, the cafe has available a wide selection of hearty warm dishes. Guests can enjoy a sit-down lunch or dinner and browse the full menu on a tablet. The digital menu is not the only interactive technology in use at Illy — waiters also use smartphones equipped with the Tillypad Android app to instantly send their orders to the kitchen. This solution speeds up service and saves a lot of space, which is important for the small cafe.
An FBS (Front Back Stock) licence is installed on the manager's computer, which is also used as the server and till and for data analysis. Authorised employees quickly move among different operating modes to run customer payments, carry out stock inventories, work with accounting records and analyse sales.