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IS-Hotel system integrated with Tillypad

We have successfully accomplished the integration of IS-Hotel, automation program for hotels, hostels, and guest houses, with Tillypad. Now, payments for any hotel services such as food, spa, or equipment rental can be carried out in Tillypad.
These days, travelling has become a hobby or even a lifestyle for many people. Travelling on a budget is even more popular; rooms in hostels and mini-hotels are in great demand. IS-Hotel is just what one needs to streamline the hotel management processes and automate operations on accommodation reservation. Highly functional, the system allows the monitoring of all current business operations, customers' demand, and all relevant operating results.
Normally, guest room stock falls into several categories depending on the level of comfort; therefore, the prices can vary. Besides, the prices may differ throughout the year depending on the season. Thanks to IS-Hotel program, the prices are adjusted automatically: once they are entered into the database, the system works its magic. Besides, it synchronises the data from its own database with the information from the hotel website thus changing accommodation availability details on the website automatically. For the record, enabling the function of on-line booking can increase your profit at an average by 15-20%.
Tillypad is compatible with various hotel programs. It is a perfect fit for both small businesses and large hotel complexes. The system collects the data on sales, order peak time, most popular items for rent in on-line mode. Finally, Equipment rental mode allows you to charge all services to a single customer's card, keeping both the owners and the customers happy.