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Jamaica print studios now use Tillypad XL

The ‘Jamaica’ fabric print studio chain, a well-known St. Petersburg staple, has been automated with Tillypad XL. T-shirts and sweatshirts are finished here as quickly as fast food burgers and fries, and sales recordkeeping no longer requires the manual drudgery of Excel.
Soon after its opening in 2009, Jamaica became the first print studio offering T-shirt printing with generic and customised designs in just 10-20 minutes. Jamaica’s concept was both interesting and profitable, and now similar print shops are scattered throughout the city. However, only at the original Jamaica shops can customers expect to receive the highest-quality fabric, long-lasting prints (up to 20 washes) and daily updates on the company’s image catalogue.
Print shop
At first glance, ordering T-shirt prints at Jamaica seems to have a lot in common with going to a fast food restaurant — the entire process takes less than 20 minutes and often is carried out right in front of the customer. But a closer look reveals that the only feature Jamaica borrows from the fast food world is its strict regulation of its business processes, executed with the help of Tillypad XL. Each print studio uses an FBS licence (Front, Back and Stock). In the ‘Fast Food’ mode, clerks and designers take orders, send them to production and take payments from couriers and customers. This single licence is used to keep administrative and accounting records, register stock movement and analyse sales in other modes.
Jamaica’s designers and printer operators are production workers, just like the cooks in a restaurant. Monitoring the current workload and managing the order queue during peak hours is equally important whether you're at a printing press or a cutting board. In the days leading up to holidays, many people come to Jamaica for unconventional and affordable gifts, causing queues to form in the shop. Since the entire order list is displayed in KDS mode, the designer/printer operator only needs to take a quick look at the screen to assess the remaining work to be done. This is especially important during high-traffic times.
Jamaica plans to purchase a large standalone monitor to use instead of a laptop. This is because the designer has to move around the studio — he edits graphics on the computer, helps customers choose their size and design, prints images on the fabric and packs orders. Wherever he is in the shop, the designer needs the information about the number and complexity of orders to be readily available so that he can stay on top of his many tasks.
Online shopping
Customers who want to place an order without leaving their home or office can visit the online order section of Jamaica’s website. Here, an automated online designer will help you create the T-shirt, sweatshirt or polo of your dreams! Choose a style, fabric colour and size. You can find a print from Jamaica’s catalogue of over 7,000 selections or upload your own custom image. As soon as the online shop sends a message to the print studio about a placed order, one of the on-site employees enters it into Tillypad and sends it to production. Jamaica plans to integrate their online shop CMS with Tillypad XL, which will eliminate the need to copy orders manually.
Wholesale department
When you order online, you can receive a discount of up to 20%. And becoming a corporate client can lead to even greater savings. Jamaica has a special wholesale department for bulk purchasers. This department has prepared entire armies of office workers for tournaments and teambuilding events, dressed the staffs of St. Petersburg's bars and restaurants in stylish brand uniforms and printed dozens of T-shirt batches for promoters of various events, festivals and concerts. The work of the wholesale department has been made significantly easier by Tillypad XL. The system automatically keeps track of how many items of each size and colour are currently on hand and how many need to be ordered. It also helps employees keep records of defective articles and monitor supply levels.
Yegor Lazin, Jamaica's art director: ‘I know our work process resembles a fast food restaurant, but there are also some important distinctions. We were looking for a system that would suit our specific needs. We chose Tillypad because its flexible settings can be customised for each individual task. We appreciated the way they treat their customers. They welcomed us at their office, showed us the program, told us about what it could do for us and then later came to our office for a second presentation. Another nice touch was that neither of our print studios had to close during the implementation of Tillypad XL. After the implementation, we realised that a huge advantage of Tillypad is their tech support team, who promptly respond to questions, solve problems and create new customised reports when we need them.’
In the near future, Jamaica will complete the development of its loyalty programmes, and its regular customers will start receiving discounts. These discounts and regular customers will be managed in Tillypad XL. The print studio's medium-term plan includes the automation of their shop in Moscow, and in the long term, they plan to enter the international market.