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Kare Club&Restaurant: 16 years of rock-n-roll

This summer one of our oldest and most loyal clients, Kare Club, who has been with us since 2001, has upgraded to Tillypad 9.7.
Located in Solnechnogorsk, a suburb of Moscow, this two-storey restaurant complex is well placed between the busy Moscow - St. Petersburg Route and the shores of the Senezh Lake. Not only has Kare’s good location attracted the customers here, it’s also a popular venue for live rock concerts of famous Russian bands and singers such as Pilot, Kukryniksy, Slot, Murakami, Tarakany!, Naik Borzov, just to name a few.
The update to the latest version of Tillypad allowed the owners to work with cumulative discount programmes, web-reports, and prepaid deposits. In addition, on the summer terrace, the staff can now use tablets for taking orders. As part of the reinvention of the venue's IT infrastructure, the migration to version 9.7 made possible to configure Kitchen Display System, upgrade tills as per the latest legislation, and adapt the automation system for mobile devices. Tillypad's dealer in Moscow, Optimal Soft, assisted the management in setting up special loyalty programmes, in particular, those that were not available in the classic version of Tillypad. Optimal Soft will have remote access to control the configurations and the database of the venue.
Designed in the style of the 'European Middle Ages', as the owners call it, Kare has the look and feel of a traditional German bar, with timber and stone predominantly used for interior decor. Such universal design solution fits all the occasions: from serving breakfasts and set lunches to screening sports events on weekdays and even to throwing roaring parties and live gigs on weekends.