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Krasnye Holmy Meeting

On September 28, Tillypad held a conference with its Russia & CIS regional partners at the Swissotel Krasnye Holmy (Red Hills) in Moscow. Partners and representatives gathered in the Mendeleev conference hall to hear the latest news on important issues: changes in pricing policy, licensing, new marketing strategy and technical innovations.
This was the first meeting on such a scale to be held in a number of years. The highlight of the packed agenda was a ninety-minute question and answer session with the company president, Igor Shemet.

Business director Liudmila Alyamovskaya presented changes in sales structure, pricing and licencing, and outlined the company’s strategy for expansion into foreign markets. The first move in this process was made in February 2011 when Tillypad exhibited at HOSTEC in Birmingham, the largest hospitality event in the United Kingdom. Two pilot projects are currently running in London and Berlin.
Under the new pricing policy, which takes effect from January next year, product price will depend on the functionality supplied to the end user. The new licensing scheme does away with hardware dongles in favour of product activation via the Internet. This way, each licence will provide a specific level of access to Tillypad XL from a specific workstation.
Tillypad’s new marketing strategy, which includes a revamped website, active social networking and organising events and seminars for restaurateurs and partners in Russia and Europe, was presented by marketing director Sergey Remezov.
Lead systems analyst Igor Postnikov introduced technical innovations designed to improve speed, security and management. Among the most notable were the new fast POS login procedure, new interface customisation capabilities and double caching for faster processing of large amounts of data and quicker generation of reports. Among the more radical developments introduced was the ability to create a POS terminal operating mode that combines the functionality of normally segregated user modes (Waiter, Cashier and Bartender) into one. Other new features included an enhanced cashing-up routine and the introduction of table joining and seat numbering.
A new audit trail mechanism, dubbed TillyLog, provides highly granular change logging on all changes to data in the system for security and management purposes. The imaginatively named surveillance system, TillyVision, enables timestamp-synchronised recording and playback of images from any number of network cameras and terminal screens.
Enthusiasm was such that discussion of the day’s topics continued long after the formal close of the agenda, spilling over into the informal dinner in the hotel restaurant. Tillypad’s esteemed partners were unanimous in their praise for the meeting and requested that it be made an annual event.