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Lunch business with Tillypad

The Tillypad XL EPoS system not only efficiently solves everyday tasks of the restaurateur; it also helps to build a successful business on the scale of "100,000 lunches per month". That's the volume dealt with by Obedov, which has been working closely with Tillypad for the past year.  Roman Yulievich Elistratov, general director of Obedov, spoke with us about the interesting experience of working together and gave vivid examples of installing EPoS systems for corporate catering.
Background: Obedov was formed in 2002. Provides catering and corporate catering. Provides 100,000 lunches per month. Works with the largest enterprises in Saint Petersburg, such as Leningradskiy Metallicheskiy Zavod and OJSC Power Machines.
— Tell us how your company started and developed.
— Our company was formed in 2002, when we registered our trademark and the slogan "Eat in company". In January 2012 Obedov will celebrate its tenth birthday. Over the years we have built up a multi-profile corporate catering and catering services business. Initially our company provided lunch delivery, mobile restaurant service and corporate catering. In 2007-2008 we decided to focus solely on full-cycle canteens, buffets and ready-meal canteens. Now we prepare 100,000 lunches a month. In other words, Obedov feeds five to six thousand people every working day. Our plan for the immediate future is to increase our takings for 2012 by 75% over 2011 takings.
— How did you get involved with Tillypad?
— We didn't immediately decide to use EPoS. For a long time we got by with ordinary cash registers and kept manual records. But we came to the point where production volume pushed us to automate all processes, so we had to examine all the products available on the market. In the end we chose Tillypad and we were not disappointed. Our first sites to use the EPoS system were the canteens for students and staff in the Bonch Bruevich University of Telecommunications, each of which have capacity for 200. They are situated on two floors: on one floor is a buffet with lunches and on the other we have retail sale. After working with Tillypad XL on these sites we came to appreciate its advantages in full and decided to extend our cooperation with Tillypad.
— How many Obedov sites now run Tillypad XL?
— Pretty much all of them. In December we planned to hook up the last two outlets. Installation of Tillypad XL went pretty quickly, it literally took a year. We linked up existing sites without any delay, and deployed immediately on sites that we opened this year – there were a good number of those.
— Do you often work with large enterprises?
— Quite often, yes. Management of large companies wants to make sure that their employees have lunch during their lunch break, and that they have a proper lunch and not crisps. Occasionally we become a kind of conductor for social policy in such companies. In this case we have to take into account the wishes not only of management, but also of trade unions for which it is important to defend the interests of employees in regard to meals. For this reason large enterprises place greater restrictions on us in terms of assortment and price.
— What interesting projects have you carried out recently?
— We work a lot with OJCS Power machines, a national leader in the engineering industry. Not long ago we won a tender to provide catering for employees of Leningradskiy Metallicheskiy Zavod, which is part of their corporation. The project started in the beginning of July and now we have 5 sites and 9 sales outlets at the factory. In rolling out the project we had to take account of the fact that all these outlets are physically separated by large distances and are not connected by a cable network. We bought and configured the corresponding number of modems required to connect all the equipment into a single network. Our visitors are satisfied with us, and this is confirmed by increasing numbers of receipts and positive reviews.
Another interesting project that we did with OJSC Power machines was catering for employees of the Electrosila factory. Even before Obedov came on the scene, employees were already paying for their lunches in using mag stripe cards. Each employee was given a mag stripe card linked to his HR account. In the canteen, the employee would hand the card over at the checkout, the cashier would swipe it through a special reader and the payment amount would be deducted from the employee's salary. The company then wire transferred the money to the contractor. Thanks to Tillypad XL we were able to keep this service for Electrosila employees, half of which used it all the time. This type of payment makes service faster, which is a key issue for a factory canteen.
— How does Tillypad XL help Obedov?
— The main thing is that Tillypad XL solves our current typical tasks excellently, and also allows us to reduce the number of accountants and get quick access to sales data from the office. Given the number of sites we have, this is especially important for us.
Tillypad XL is also a good encouragement to offer customers as many services as possible. When we set up a site, we install Tillypad XL, connect the required hardware and we get a multitude of different ways that we can improve service. There are loads of options we can offer the customer, from that mag card setup to service using modern mobile devices (PDAs, etc.).
For more than 16 years, Tillypad has been among the leading software houses developing restaurant EPoS solutions. Over 7000 restaurants entrust their business to Tillypad XL in Europe, Russia and the CIS countries, where the company is represented by a network of more than 80 dealers.