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Marketplace is now in Moscow

In the beginning of May, Marketplace, a well-known restaurant chain in St. Petersburg, opened its first venue in Moscow. Just like its 10 restaurants in St. Petersburg, the new Marketplace in Moscow is divided into isle stations with open kitchens and has been automated by TechnoEngineering (Restocreator project).
The signature restaurant chain does not employ waiters. Instead, its bright eco-designed dining room is divided into isle stations where chefs prepare dishes from all over the world: fresh salads and juices, Italian pasta and wok, grilled meat and fish, and stews from a wooden stove. In Marketplace—like on the real market—you can buy food and spices, and then ask the chef for the recipe to try to recreate the dish at home.
As they enter the restaurant, guests are greeted by hostesses and given smart cards. At every station where guests select their dishes, they are added to the cards. All the information about the order is displayed on the tablet screen. This has been made possible thanks to the contactless card readers (the guests need only hold the card up to the scanner) in the shape of Apple computer mice and to the iPads that serve as customer displays. Customer displays do not require any additional hardware: TillyDispay, Tillypad's new mobile application, is installed on the iPads and allows to display information about dishes and special offers as soon and the station chef adds the order.
When making a culinary journey through the restaurant-market and placing orders at isle stations (Grill, Oven, Wok, Pasta, Salads, and others—9 in total), guests don't waste their time in queues. Chefs prepare dishes in their presence and hand them over in a matter of minutes. Desserts and hot drinks can be ordered at any moment: additional items are simply added to the smart card. Guests pay when leaving the restaurant by presenting their smart card with saved orders.
Marketplace in Moscow can seat up to 250 people. During peak hours, all 3 tills are open. They have Tillypad's front office licences and a smart card reader.