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Moroccan Shawarma in Ekaterinburg

Moroccan Shawarma is a chain of street food kiosks opened in 2015 in Ekaterinburg. Though the name of the chain suggests exotica, the owners are more concerned with the visibility and appeal of the brand: the eye-catching signboards with giant shawarmas on top are hard not to notice! These days, Moroccan Shawarma is probably the best shawarma in Ekaterinburg — or at the very least, the most popular one. This autumn, as part of the automation of the chain, they started using Tillydroid, Tillypad-based solution for handhelds.
The chain is made up of eleven kiosks, located on the busiest streets of the city. Open 24/7, it offers hot dogs and several types of shawarma: classic, vegetarian, with oven-baked ham, and, of course, the house speciality, with curry and beans. To top it all up, you can quench your thirst with refreshing Moroccan tea infused with citrus and spices.
Moroccan Shawarma uses only fresh, best-quality ingredients and that's what makes it a local bestseller.
Before implementation of Tillypad, the report keeping was done on paper, but the more kiosks were opened the more complicated it was to keep the records straight. Eventually, the owners concluded that chain business is impossible to manage without proper automation. Otherwise, movements of goods, transactions, losses and gains are difficult to track. This is where a user-friendly automation system adapted to cost and management accounting comes to the rescue. It was clear that traditional automation using POS-terminals and bulky equipment is a wrong choice for small kiosks. The owners opted for a compact solution that can be used on mobile devices.
Sergey Zalukayev, our representative in Ekaterinburg: 'Initially, the owners of Moroccan Shawarma were considering a different system, but we came up with another solution, reliable and tested, and which, most importantly, allows the system to function without the Internet connection. Even in the 21st century, the Internet is still not very reliable, especially in small kiosks. That’s why we suggested Tillydroid, an intuitive and functional solution. We have complemented it by Tillypad WebReports. It's a service analysing the restaurant operations online. That’s exactly what this chain needed.
Android-based ASUS ZenPad 10'' paired with Intel Stick microcomputer connected to till equipment ATOL55F was the optimum alternative for our client: it’s a functional solution yet takes very little space.’
The automation works for each kiosk took merely 15–20 minutes, while the staff training required much more time. The theoretical part was taking place in a conference hall with educative visuals projected on the screen. It was followed by a practical workshop in the demonstration hall, where the employees had a chance to enter guest tabs and analyse the reports on handhelds.
The owners of the Moroccan Shawarma plan to grow their business and open more street food kiosks in Ekaterinburg.