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New delivery features of Tillypad

We're continuing to optimise our Delivery block. Today, we will introduce you to the latest updates that concern the functionality of call centres, transactions with couriers and context search.
1. Lists of streets
If your call centre works with various restaurant conceptions (that is restaurants of different brands or cuisines), it’s bound to have some territorial restrictions: not all the conceptions of the chain can be represented in a given town, city, or district. To make the operator's interface easier to use, we created an option to display only those streets that are relevant for a given conception.
2. Payment methods in payments via courier
Now for any restaurant or its division, you can specify a list of regulated payment methods—documents, such as receipts, coupons, or gift certificates, according to which the courier shall report at the end of the shift. Similarly, a payment method can be assigned when handing out funds to couriers for providing change.
3. Paying for orders and providing change
When saving a guest tab in Delivery call centre mode, an operator can now specify how the customer wishes to pay for the order. If the customer is paying with cash, the operator can enter the denomination of the note that the customer will hand to the courier to calculate the amount of change the courier will need to provide. This information will both appear as a comment in the guest tab and will be automatically added to the payment window.
4. Updated context search
The context search has been updated in all the Delivery operating modes. Thanks to a new parameter, you can now determine which fields will be taken into consideration when you search for information in the list of delivery guest tabs. For example, the search can be made by the name of the customer, his/her phone number and address, courier, division, or conception.