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New POS terminal operating mode: Equipment rental

Thanks to Tillypad new operating mode called 'Equipment rental', you can now manage rental shops at ski resorts, bowling alleys, and other sports and entertainment centres. Using this mode, you can keep track of skis, skates, sports outfits, snow tubes, and other types of equipment rented out to the customers. See how this mode works:
Hiring out the equipment
  1. The starting point is opening the customer's guest tab at the payment station: the employee enters the customer's full name, contact details, rented items, and the number of the deposit cell. The deposit amount depends on the equipment type. After the deposit is paid, the customer gets a receipt in two copies with his/her contact details, guest tab number, rules of conduct, and information on how to handle the equipment. The customer has to sign one of the copies and give it to the employee.
  2. Next, at the rental station, the customer presents the receipt to a staff member who scans the barcode and hands out the required items. Scanning the barcode of each item to be rented provides transparency in record keeping and brings down misuse and damages to a minimum.
  3. After the employee has recorded the equipment, the customer is free to use it. To make sure that the rented item is a good fit, we have foreseen a 15-minutes interval, during which the customer can return or exchange any item for free.
Dropping off the equipment
To return the rented items after using, the customer goes back to the rental station where the employee scans the items’ barcodes to mark them as returned in the guest tab. With Tillypad, you can return some of the items, and keep using the rest, for example, when you are through with skiing, you can give back the skis and keep snow tubing without paying for the rent of the skis after you returned them.
Once all the rented items are handed back to the rental station, the system calculates the total rent cost based on the duration of use, type of equipment, and seasonal ratios. All these parameters are configurable and recorded automatically by the system. Besides, with Tillypad, it's easy to control the state of the returned equipment, record the damage results, if any, and add breakage fees to the guest tab.
Next, the customer presents the receipt to the cashier who scans the barcode on it, accepts the payment, and gives back the deposit. If the receipt is lost, the guest tab can be found in the system by the telephone number.
Supposing the entertainment complex uses the club scheme for automation, the customer can pay for all the activities upon departure.
Add-on customer care
In peak season, it is often the case that a rental shop is out of some particular type of equipment while the customers are still in the queue to rent it. To avoid disappointment, Tillypad keeps track of the current availability of the equipment, which can be displayed on big screens beside the till.
Another useful option is placing special kiosks on the resort grounds allowing the customers to scan the rented items at any time during the visit and find out the rent cost owed at that moment.
Extra value for your business
Tillypad has another useful feature for your rental shop: it can collect data in online mode regarding the sales, the most in-demand items, peak time, occupancy level. Thus, having estimated how busy the venue can be at a certain period of time, you can assign sufficient number of the employees for the shift, to cope with the high load and increase customer satisfaction.
Besides, it opens the way to promote your business: contact details of the customers compiled by the system can be used for mailing out special offers. To take advantage of this feature, add the 'consent to process personal data' block to the receipt which is signed by the customer at the payment station.
Tillypad can be used not only at ski resorts, but also at summer recreation camps, leisure and health centres. Thanks to Tillypad, you can rent out any type of sports and leisure equipment, from boats to tennis rackets. Besides, Tillypad is integrated with most hotel systems, which means that a hotel complex can automatically add all the paid services, including equipment rental to the customer's hotel card. This works for the benefit of both the customer and the hotel owner.