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New Tillypad 9.6

Tillypad 9.6 offers many smart tools for delivery services, settings tweaks for every user, improved reports and a new tablet application. In the latest version of the program, each restaurant employee will find solutions that will make their work even faster and easier.
Tillydroid app will help you save on automation
The new version of Tillypad contains Tillydroid, its new Android application. Using this app, you can take orders, carry out payments, work with loyalty programmes and receive reports on the occupation rate and staff performance, as well as marketing, till and sales reports in real-time mode. This smart and independent solution is ideal for smaller restaurants, cafes, bars, canteens, takeaway coffee stands and free-flow venues. Tillydroid allows you to leave out expensive POS terminals and servers from the automation project.
New data replication model
Thanks to the even simpler network architecture of the new Tillypad, which does not require an additional SQL server installation, the program has become even more powerful. Data exchange between divisions and restaurants has become easier. Program update and configuration in restaurant chains now takes even less time.
New delivery solutions
  • Order history can increase the average bill
In delivery modes, you can now view the customer's order history. Knowing the caller's preferences, the operator can give individual advice on dish selection or suggest additional items for the order.
  • Individual order preparation and delivery time for each restaurant
Restaurant chains with different menus and different delivery areas have a hard time working on a single timing. In Tillypad 9.6, you can configure individual time standards for each restaurant of the chain.
  • Additional orders
After the operator takes a delivery order, the customer might call in again to make an additional order. In this case, instead of opening a new delivery, you can add new items into a previously submitted guest tab.
New stock control solutions
  • Default filing time settings for store records
Now for each store record, you can set a filing time that will be used for new store records by default. For example, you can set the default filing time for stock-in records at 8 a.m., and the stock on hand will be updated for that business day before the day is open. This approach promotes systematic filing of store records, facilitates their maintenance and helps evade negative stock on hand during the business day.
  • Information about not-evident deductions of stock items
Stock remainders can be deducted in different ways. Depending on the stock operation type, when you run a record on store, the system can deduct the remainders of the compound stock item or the remainders of its recipe items, as well as both remainder types simultaneously. In stock movement and stock turnover operational reports, the information about the stock items whose levels did not change after the records were run on store appears in grey for clarity. 
  • New purchasing solutions
Original requests and planned supplier request can now be created for a particular store or for all stores in a store group. In the planned request specifications, you can now use the recommended stock item quantity.
Even more informative reports
  • New combined reports
Managers and back office employees will find a new block with improved combined reports in Tillypad 9.6. These reports allow you to group till, store, sales and sales department data in various ways.
  • Menu items by stock item operational report
The report provides insightful information about the share of each stock item in the cost of the dish.
  • Menu report
Using this report, you can receive information about all menu items rather than only those of the Stock item class.
  • Deletions from orders (with stock deduction) operational report
This improved report shows the self-cost of items deleted from the order and the document that was used to deduct the stock items.
Tillypad will adapt to you
  • Straight to the point:
    Favourite windows open automatically on program startup
The new version of Tillypad XL Manager allows each user to determine which (if any) windows should open on program startup according to his/her priority tasks. For example, in the morning the accountant might need to look at the most recent records, while the manager might want to overview reports with the figures from the previous business day. The number of windows automatically opened on startup is not limited.
  • Everything in its proper place:
    Restoring the position of the windows
Tillypad XL Manager 9.6 saves information about the size and position of closed windows. Now each new window opens in the same size and place where it was closed. 
In addition, Tillypad XL 9.6 offers:
  • Setting up the precision degree for menu item units of measurement
  • Print layout for the stock record TORG-12
  • Calculating the nutritional and calorific values in recipes and recalculating data if recipe item data do not sum up. Report that allows you to track changes after the nutritional and calorific values are recalculated 
  • New version of TillypadSetup
  • Loop checks in butchering and production records
All these features and more will be available to you once you upgrade to Tillypad XL 9.6!