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New Tillypad customers in Moscow

Optimal Soft, our partner in Moscow, has automated a couple of restaurant chains with Tillypad. Today we will tell you about 'Morocco' that opened in the heart of Moscow in the end of 2016 and about the local sushi market chain 'Rollberry'.
Morocco in the heart of Moscow
A Moroccan restaurant recently opened its doors on one of the central streets of Moscow. Morocco has one of the most extraordinary cuisines in the world. It combines culinary traditions of different peoples and is permeated by the aura of ancient legends and oriental exotica. Moroccan dishes are abundantly lavished with herbs and spices, which give them a fresh oriental note.
'Morocco' is well known thanks to its chef, Abdullah Salhi, PhD, a member of the National Chefs' Guild, Moroccan cuisine Brand Chef and Mediterranean cuisine Chef.  Abdullah Salhi has worked in various restaurants in Morocco, France, Spain and Italy. Since 1995, he has been working with famous restaurants in Moscow, studied oriental cuisine, taught culinary classes and developed menus for catering companies.
Tillypad has automated all processes in Morocco: customer service, store records, recipe cost calculators, stock control, and loyalty programmes. When it comes to loyalty programmes, the restaurant offers a few promotions simultaneously: a free cup of coffee or tea pot comes with the main dish, 20% discount applies to all menu items from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on weekdays, guests with coupons pay only 50% of the bill's total etc.
Despite its central location, dinner in Morocco won't cost you a fortune. You can even bring your own bottle of wine or strong liquor—no corkage fee will be charged. By signing up for the restaurant's news, you can get into a workshop, after which each participant can try the prepared dishes.
Rollberry: Three sushi shops near Moscow
Rollberry is a fast food chain of sushi bars. The restaurants are located in shopping mall food courts in three different towns in the Moscow region. Sushi and rolls are prepared on the open counter in front of the customers. Optimal Soft specialists have helped the restaurant chain to configure loyalty programmes: regular customers receive discounts when they show their card; when guests reach a certain guest tab total, they receive free rolls. The restaurants are united into a restaurant chain—this allows the accountant, purchase managers and administrators to have access to data of each venue. Back office specialists can monitor sales dynamics in real time and track stock items in any given sushi shop.
Rolls can be ordered for takeaway or delivery by phone or online. Delivery customers can even send sushi as a gift—indicating their name on the gift note or even incognito. The owners plan to open two more sites in the Moscow region and integrate their web service with Tillypad. This new delivery management block will not require any additional funds because everything needed to manage deliveries is already included in their Tillypad licences.