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New Wave and new Tillypad

In December, New Wave, one of Belgorod's most elegant banquet halls, has updated its interior design, opened an exhibit area and upgraded to the latest version of Tillypad. New features of Tillypad 9.5 have made their customer service even faster and gave the management more freedom to create various bonus programmes and incentive systems.
New Wave, with its pronouncedly high service standards and a polished-to-perfection menu, is a popular choice for very important events, such as high-level business meetings, formal receptions and weddings. This is why fast and modern technologies are every bit as important here as the interior design, taste and service of an impeccable quality. Upgrading to Tillypad 9.5 has not only expanded program use options that are hidden from the guests' view but has also become an important image decision: in addition to POS terminals, New Wave now uses tablets.
The system was upgraded by Optimal Soft, Tillypad's partner in Belgorod. To avoid service interruptions, the upgrade took place during the night, and at 9 a.m., frontline staff were already being trained to use the new features.
Dmitry Kravchuk, Optimal Soft: 'The new Tillypad allowed the restaurant to reevaluate its workflow and improve some of its business processes. A clear task division, the use of multiple menus, a well thought-out HR approach allowed the New Wave to break forward.'
Olga Ivanova, restaurants director: 'Our restaurant has been working with Tillypad for a few years now. We've recently updated the program to version 9.5 and can now make maximum use of the system capabilities. We've found multiple improvements in the new version, from new smart features to insightful settings and reports. We are now using more devices and can manage orders both via POS terminals and handhelds. The use of handhelds is a hot and happening trend, plus it matches the concept behind New Wave and emphasises our restaurant class.
On the very next day after we had upgraded Tillypad, our waiters noticed that working with orders has become faster and easier. Administrators and managers were pleasantly surprised by the vast number of new and improved statistics.'
During summer, the guests will be able to enjoy Russian cuisine on a summer terrace, which offers a magnificent view over the river and the city. According to the plan, waiters will use tablets when working outdoors.