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Your team — ready for work in a snap

Managers of restaurants automated with Tillypad XL know how easy it is to keep track of employees’ hours when everyone clocks in and out on the POS terminal. It's very simple: when employees arrive to and leave work, they simply press the Log hours button displayed on the screensaver and select their names from the list. Tillypad XL's interface is so user-friendly that even employees whose job descriptions do not include a lot of contact with the software (e.g. cleaning staff) have an easy time with this procedure.
You probably think that such a simple daily task—one which takes only a few seconds—couldn’t possibly cause any difficulties. And this is true for a smaller venue that is not part of a chain. But imagine a huge restaurant with several separate kitchens, a full bar, a coffee counter, a banquet room and multiple VIP lounges. Think of the number of employees a venue like this needs to serve its guests on weekends when the house is fully booked: dozens of waiters, cashiers, chefs de partie, bartenders, baristas, administrators and cleaning staff. Don’t forget to multiply this number by two to account for employees on a second shift and then add in the back office employees, like accountants and managers, who work during off hours.
Unfortunately, it's simply impossible to quickly find a name in the employee directory of such a large restaurant. To save your employees from spending their valuable time on administrative details instead of serving guests, Tillypad has introduced a quick login feature. Now, employees only have to enter their personal quick selection code in order to log in. You have to admit that entering four digits is much faster than scrolling through a list to look for your name among 60 others.
Restaurant chains that regularly arrange internal training and workshops will no doubt appreciate this feature, which allows you to record employees' time at training outside the restaurant as worked time. The only requirement is that a POS terminal or office laptop be located at the training site. Attendance is easily logged via quick selection codes—this is much easier than individually looking up each name in the chain’s full employee directory.
Let your team use all the features Tillypad XL has to offer: every tiny timesaver makes your employees’ work easier and improves morale. And a happy chef and cheerful waiters make for very satisfied customers.