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Tender, juicy chicken with a side of Tillypad

AST (which in Turkmen stands for 'very juicy chicken'), a fast food restaurant chain with three locations in Ashgabat, has replaced its previous automation system with Tillypad.
A trial conversion to Tillypad was carried out along with the opening of its second restaurant. Later, when the concept was expanded to a third location, Tillypad's Turkmenistan dealer Akmurad Annageldyev proposed merging all the AST restaurants into a single chain. AST’s owners were impressed by the chain management options available through Tillypad and decided to set up administration of their restaurants from a central office. Financial recordkeeping, menu changes, stocktaking, supplier management and payroll accounting take place outside of the actual restaurants, functionally turning the office into the chain’s fourth ‘venue’.
AST is a traditional fast food-style restaurant that serves an array of burgers, wraps and nuggets. Its key ingredient, chicken, is supplied from its in-house poultry farm. Most dishes are sold here in combos. On the customer side, it is much cheaper to buy a burger, french fries and a drink as a set rather than individually. And the restaurant has an interest in selling more than one item to each guest. After Tillypad was implemented, AST’s management began utilising customer displays (KDS) to advertise its combo offerings. Reports soon showed that these screen ads, which appear on the customer-facing side of each POS terminal, had significantly increased combo sales. The chain plans to take this technique one step further and configure the ads so that the options shown on-screen will depend on the items a customer has already ordered.
During AST’s automation process, Tillypad was integrated with Itida, a retail software program. Stock item directories, as well as stock-in and stock-out records are now automatically uploaded to Itida from Tillypad. The integration of these two programs was necessary to support the retail locations AST’s owners operate in addition to their restaurants. Soon, Annageldyev plans to present them with a plan for managing data from all their business areas on a single interface.
Begench Atayev, owner of AST: 'Tillypad has helped AST fine-tune a tremendous number of processes, from cashiers’ and administrators’ basic responsibilities to more complex office tasks such as stock control, supplier management, sales analysis and so on. The program not only provides a comprehensive toolkit for clear, easy management of multiple venues, but also operates with amazing speed. Orders are submitted instantly — this is especially important for us as a fast food restaurant. In the near future we intend to launch our own delivery service; we plan to use Tillypad to support all these processes as well, from taking calls to receiving money from couriers.'