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'The Fifth Wheel': from artisanal cheese to craft beer

Last year, the restaurant complex called 'The Fifth Wheel' in Altai Krai started a self-contained cheese dairy fitted with custom equipment. And just recently, the complex extended owned production by opening a brewery with a tasting room and a smokery.
Not that long ago, the Quality Control Project 'Roscontrol' has announced that 60% of cheese-producing brands prevailing on the Russian market are using vegetable and palm oil. Therefore, to be on a safe side, consumers should opt for the products made by small businesses and local cheese dairies. The cheesemaker of 'The Fifth Wheel' controls the process of cheese ageing, while the fabrication method is run by the in-house Head Chef graduated from the Siberian Research and Development Establishment for Cheese-Making (Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences). The restaurant menu boasts a large variety of cheese such as Camembert, Limburger, Caciotta, Sainte-Maure de Touraine, produced at the cheese dairy exclusively for the customers of 'The Fifth Wheel'. The dairy produces up to 130 kg of cheese every week.
Artem Sirotenko, Head Chef: 'At present, we are working on extending the line of cheese types. We are planning to make hard and semi-hard cheeses.'
Recent sanctions made the complex owners reassess the plans. Instead of Italian-made equipment, the restaurant went for the cheese-making units of home manufacture. Owing to the same reason, some basic components for cheese production such as rennet and calcium were substituted. Somewhat surprisingly, the food import ban has benefited the restaurant: now almost all the dishes on the menu are prepared with local foods and products.
Semen Sukhotintsev, Managing Director: 'It turned out that the goods from the local suppliers are more affordable and better quality. Now we procure milk from a small farm business.'
To make its very own craft, the proprietor of the restaurant complex purchased a Slovenian-made mini-brewery. The brewmasters use malted barley from Slovenia and Zatec hops from the Czech Republic for the beer recipes based on the oldest European traditions. Unlike in large manufacturing facilities, the beer-making process is mostly manual with only 20% involvement of automatic equipment. The brewery makes 4 types of beer: lager, pale amber, red ale, and pale ale. Annually, it produces 500,000 litres of this popular beverage that is marketed in keg barrels.
Oleg Almayev, Director of the mini-brewery: 'The experts from Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia have visited our facility and duly appreciated our products, but the most valuable degree of merit for us is that our beer won popularity among the local consumers.'
A wide range of beer snacks is cooked right there at the own smokehouse. Meat and fish specialities made by cold and hot smoking methods are prepared in the professional smoking oven without the use of chemical additives.
Taken together, 'The Fifth Wheel' is a huge complex with a terrace, several function rooms for receptions and special events, and children's playroom where weekly culinary workshops are held. To control all the business processes in such a multidivisional structure can be tricky, but that is where Tillypad comes to the rescue. Tillypad has been used here for several years allowing the owners to receive up-to-date sales reports, including ABC analysis. Besides, Tillypad calculates recommended purchase amount: the requests are made based on the stock item's remaining balance, i.e. at the moment when it's about to run out.
Semen Sukhotintsev, Managing Director: 'Managing purchases with Tillypad is easy! Thanks to the stock turnover reports for the same period last year, calculating the required quantity of stock items is not hard at all.'
The automation of the restaurant complex has been carried out by the official Tillypad's representative in Novosibirsk, IT Concept company.