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The new Tillypad XL version 9.2 has been released

We are happy to announce that Tillypad XL 9.2 is now available for installation. With the new release, customer service, data exchange, system configuration and internal accounting are faster and easier than ever. The 9.2 release contains many changes that will facilitate your work and increase efficiency.
For example, Alcohol declarations are processed in a new, improved way in the latest version of Tillypad XL. Now the alcohol declaration is not simply a report, but a completely separate document that can be customised to stay in compliance with changing regulations. You can manually correct entries and download stock on hand from previously filed declarations.
The new release also supports data export from Tillypad XL to 1С: Enterprise (platform 8.3 of the Enterprise accounting 3.0 configuration).
Another update saves you the trouble of issuing several different cards to your staff. Now your waiters can use their access cards both to log in on the POS terminal and to receive employee discounts. All discounts available to employees are validated in the Tillypad XL system via the main access card.
The fiscal shift can now be automatically closed after you close the business day. This simplifies the closing procedure, which eases the burden on cashiers and administrators. The Tillypad XL system can automatically close the fiscal shift either on the present POS terminal only or on all cash registers in your establishment via this terminal. You can choose the mode that best suits your venue.
Banknote buttons have become even more user-friendly. In Tillypad XL 9.2, you can find them directly in the guest tab editor window. Waiters simply take orders and then press the required banknote button. This way, the Tillypad XL hospitality management system immediately carries out payment, sparing the staff unnecessary screen touches and saving them valuable time.
An automatic corporate-style screensaver for POS terminals has been added. It will keep your data safe from unauthorised viewing. Thanks to its integrated on-screen keyboard, waiters can quickly log in without tedious extra screen touches.
To learn more about these and other changes, contact the Tillypad sales department or your regional dealer.