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Tillypad at PIR Expo. Taking stock

PIR Expo, Russia's largest and best-attended hospitality industry event, was held in Moscow for the eighteenth time from 4 to 8 October. In a 50,000-square-metre area, more than 500 professional events took place, and 850 Russian and international companies showed off both new offerings and classic 'hit' products and services. PIR Expo was divided into several independent streams, each based on a major industry area: restaurant/hotel equipment, food, coffee and tea and bar service.
Tillypad presented at PIR Expo as part of the Restaurant Equipment stream, which brought together developers/integrators of automation systems, specialised IT solutions and sales equipment, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of kitchen technologies and restaurant furniture. Over the course of the four days of the exhibition, the Tillypad stand was visited by approximately one thousand industry professionals, including restaurant proprietors and managers, marketers, purchasing directors and managers, administrative professionals and IT specialists. A separate portion of its visitors consisted of individuals currently working to develop their own restaurant or café. These participants came to the expo in search of the best solutions to support sales and operations in their future venues.
The makeup of the stand's audience was one factor responsible for the high popularity of one of Tillypad's latest developments, its brand-new Android mobile tablet application. Visitors from smaller venues such as street vendors, mobile coffee shops and to-go restaurants were impressed with this solution, which allows for an ultramodern, economical, 'light' venue automation. Tillypad's new licence is not only inexpensive, but also does not force venues to spend money and precious space on POS terminals and servers. All together, this can reduce total automation costs by up to ten times.
Larger-scale restaurant concepts and chains took a special interest in two of Tillypad's other new features: its purchasing and delivery management systems.
The Purchases system in Tillypad is a solution tailored specifically to the restaurant industry. It guarantees a swift, smooth process for running every purchasing operation in a restaurant.  The system supports, optimises and aids in the management of the full set of daily tasks performed by a restaurant's supply department, from supplier request creation and purchase price monitoring to interception of cases of employee misbehaviour and generation of closing documents.
Tillypad's new block of functions for managing delivery service are useful both for small, independent restaurants and for large chains that operate using a central call centre and a courier delivery option. These features make it easy to process phone calls, create a customer base and keep track of food and drink preparation and order deliveries. They also allow restaurants to easily and transparently manage personnel and carry out transactions with couriers. The system's Delivery mode can be expanded and configured to take into account the specific operational needs and size of a particular restaurant. This mode does not require the purchase of a separate licence, which eliminates an additional expense.
Visitors to the Tillypad stand saw for themselves just how efficient, easy-to-understand, informative and easily accessible the program is for every member of a restaurant team. Using demo POS terminals and tablets, exhibition participants were able to create and edit their own guest tabs; generate sales reports; evaluate the performance of employees, marketing programmes, and till operations; and, with the help of the informative seating layout, ‘assess the situation' in their mock venues. Participants were also impressed by Tillypad's many other convenient, modern functionalities, such as: remote restaurant management solutions, settings to automatically send out business day statistics via e-mail and SMS, an employee timesheet system, multi-level interception of instances of employee misbehaviour, the ability to model reports using virtually any data and convenient management of accounting and store documents.
During the exhibition, the Tillypad team performed dozens of demonstrations of the new Android mobile application and presented the accounting capabilities, improved analytics and stock control and personnel management options available from a POS terminal or computer. We are very pleased to have connected with everyone who stopped by our stand — both longstanding dealers and clients and restaurant representatives whom we met for the first time at the exhibition. We look forward to seeing you again at industry events and in your offices and restaurants!