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Tillypad at the Pine Forest hotel

Tillypad is now in Pine Forest, a hotel in a ‘green’ area of the city of Ivanovo. The low-rise hotel, which features spacious rooms, family-friendly cottages, sauna and spa complexes and swimming pools, as well as a restaurant, bar, summer terrace, conference room and beauty clinic, spreads out across four acres near a sprawling pine forest.
Odinets, Tillypad's dealer in Ivanovo, have installed and configured the software for the hotel restaurant’s newly-renovated dining hall, where guests enjoy a full breakfast buffet each morning. As soon as breakfast is finished, a stock-out record is generated in Tillypad. The form is automatically filled in with the purchase prices of the stock items used to prepare breakfast.
The restaurant is also open to the general public. From 11 a.m. onwards, it serves breakfast from its main menu; in the afternoon, the restaurant offers a range of lunch specials. Later in the evenings, customers can enjoy special dinner offers. A la carte dining and room service are available all day long.
Luxurious banquets and weddings are held in Pine Forest’s Summer Hall in the warm seasons and in its Classic Hall throughout the year. Soon, staff will begin booking and serving these events using Tillypad. The features found in the system’s Reservations mode will ensure that Pine Forest is always prepared for its upcoming events. Employees will be able to plan dish prep according to expected attendance, determine which stock items need to be purchased and in what quantities, accept deposits and record important details for each event.
Pine Forest is not only a serene and comfortable holiday destination for residents and guests of Ivanovo, but also a fully-equipped business hotel. Thanks to its convenient location—three miles from the airport and two miles from the bus terminal—as well as superb premium options for VIP guests and first-class business facilities, the hotel's conference room is the preferred choice for workshops and seminars. Participants in these events enjoy a comfortable overnight stay in the hotel’s accommodations. Coffee breaks often accompany the business events held at Pine Forest. Even these relatively small details are monitored by Tillypad, which keeps track of all the stock items used at each coffee station.
Anna Yerofeeva, director of Pine Forest: 'One of Tillypad’s obvious advantages is how user-friendly it is. Taking orders is now so easy; our waiters and administrators are able to do much more than they used to with our previous automation system. Our accountant appreciates the thoughtfulness behind the program’s internal logic. Accounting-related paperwork has been reduced dramatically, since the system itself carries out many routine processes automatically. Thanks to Odinets and Tillypad, we have been able to implement the ideal stock control system for our bar and streamline our processes to guarantee our guests a pleasant experience.'