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Tillypad at the restaurant business forum

Tillypad stepped up as an official sponsor of the business forum "8 important issues for the restaurant trade" held in Moscow, where the company made a presentation and announced the launch of the new Tillyair service, included as part of the Tillypad XL restaurant EPoS system.
The forum, organised by the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers together with the PIR Information project, is now in its third year. What sets it apart from other events of its kind is the choice of speakers, every one of which is a recognised professional in his or her field and has interesting experience, and the format of the event. Lectures are perfectly balanced by live discussion and an original tradition of the forum – an evening tour of restaurants.
The main theme of the forum this time round was effective HR management in restaurants. The most important nugget of knowledge that forum participants came away with is the understanding that there are no ready recipes for success, but there are principles, which, if you follow them, enable you to work with staff properly.
The knowledge and experience that speakers imparted in their speeches were reinforced during the evening excursion round the best Moscow restaurants, such as the legendary Turandot, or the Gastronomicheskiy teatr of Oleg Menshikov, Chemodan.
Ludmila Alyamovskaya, Tillypad's commercial director, gave a presentation on "Tillypad XL is an effective tool for increasing restaurant profits" and announced Tillyair, a new service from Tillypad. It provides a totally new approach to restaurant management software and enables the restaurateur to significantly simplify enterprise management.
Sergey Remezoff, Tillypad's marketing director, commented, "The presentations by speakers at the forum demonstrated that a successful contemporary restaurant is impossible to create without an interesting concept, proper staff motivation and without the owners keeping strict control over all processes in the restaurant. Tillypad is of the same opinion, which is why we were glad to take part in such an interesting event and present our new Tillyair service to participants. This service has been developed to simplify the lives of owners and managers of restaurants of any size to the maximum extent possible. It's a breakthrough in the restaurant field. And soon you will see for yourselves. The presentation of Tillyair is coming soon".