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Tillypad in Afimall City

Afimall City is a large shopping mall in Moscow, and Tillypad is now used in its newest fast food restaurant, One Dim Sum. The baseline concept behind One Dim Sum is that of the haute Pan-Asian cuisine. However, the owners have adapted this concept to the healthy fast food format and turned steamed dumplings, dim sums and rolls into casual food. Tillypad's Fast Food mode turned out to be a smart solution for this restaurant frequented by the employees of the nearby Moscow City business centre and the visitors and staff of the shopping mall.
Located in the central hub of 'Moscow City', the ambitious international business centre in Moscow, the Afimall City shopping mall has over 50 000 daily visitors who make purchases in more than 400 shops and go to over 50 restaurants. In January 2016, a new venue, One Dim Sum, was added to the list of restaurants. Having found a solution to two seemingly mutually exclusive problems—offering healthy food while at the same time providing the high service speed of a fast food restaurant—One Dim Sum has quickly become a highly appreciated snack place.
The first problem was solved thanks to One Dim Sum's chef who developed a menu of easy-to-do steamed Pan-Asian dishes. The second problem is daily solved by Tillypad. Thanks to the extremely user-friendly interface that places the most popular items at your fingertips, no queues form before the tills—not even during the weekend. The reliability and fail-safety of the program prevent any technical malfunctions or service delays.
The automation of One Dim Sum was completed by Soft Alliance, Tillypad's dealer in Moscow.