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Tillypad in Biblioteka in Lipetsk

The restobar Biblioteka No 1 has a rich selection of food and drinks. Both the menu and the interior design represent timeless classics on one side and fantasy and an endless search for perfection on the other side.
Previously, the restobar had been working on a different hospitality management system. They often run into difficulties with it: there was no way to get exact information about the cost price of dishes: according to the employees, the reports used to contain incomprehensible numbers, and other unpleasant errors used to appear frequently. In spring 2017, Tillypad became their unconditional choice.
Just one night
ITLip, Tillypad's representative in Lipetsk, Russia, have completed a lot of work in Biblioteka No 1. This is a quite large restobar, with three dining rooms and a bar; each room equipped with several POS terminals. Time was an issue: the venue could not be closed even for just a day.
Alexandr Stegantsev, Director of ITLip: 'We had some really tight deadlines. To be able to set up the entire system in just one night, our engineers had to do a lot of work in advance. They created a database on our test server and added all crucial information (menu, devices, employees, regular customers) to it. Early in the morning on the installation day, we arrived at the restobar and brought our server with the database. Then we connected seven POS terminals to the Tillypad DB. After double-checking everything, we had the staff go through our training process. The new working day started on time and on the new automation system. The entire installation was completed between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m.!
Next morning, before the opening, we returned to Biblioteka and switched back the servers. During the next few days, together with Tillypad's Support we continued to tweak the system according to the specific needs and requests of our customer.  For example, they wanted dishes to be grouped by course on the order ticket and asked for a customised tobacco sales report.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Tillypad's support team — they were amazing, and all of the requests made by Biblioteka's managers have been executed and implemented!'
Books, compliments and flat rates
Together with the restaurant management, Tillypad team has created a few interesting loyalty programmes. For example, on Wednesday and Thursday, each person who brings a book gets a free tart or dessert. Sunday is a brunch buffet day. The guests don't need to worry about spending too much: the fixed price allows them to try any number of dishes from the menu.
In the near future, by the end of May, Biblioteka plans to open a summer terrace on the roof. Orders will be taken and instantly sent to the kitchen via handhelds and, of course, Tillypad.