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Tillypad in Dom Kultury, Chelyabinsk

Shisha lounge Dom Kultury is one of the first venues of such type that had been opened in Chelyabinsk long before hookahs became a fashionable and popular trend.
This cosy lounge bar is located in the very heart of the city, but in spite of its proximity to the local Main Street, university campuses and parks, one can seldom meet a passer-by who came here by chance. No signboard and black glass doors add to the privacy of the place: you can find out about it only by word of mouth or through social networks.
Up until recently, an unusual system of payment had been used in the bar: when leaving, customers paid as much as they considered necessary for shisha or soft drinks. With comfortable couches and lounge music creating a relaxing ambiance, guests could stay here for hours playing table games or holding business negotiations. Perhaps, only one thing had been missing for the ideal time off—a good cuisine.
When the kitchen was finally opened on June, 7, the automation of this venue became a necessity. As most of Chelyabinsk restaurants, Dom Kultury have chosen Tillypad as a perfect solution for production and operation process control.
Andrey Belkin, Managing Director of Dom Kultury: ‘Tillypad made it so easy to run the kitchen. We don't worry anymore that our customers won't be looked after. Kitchen staff can see the orders as soon as they are taken and start cooking immediately; this way, we ensure the highest service speed possible. Regarding stock control, I find the break down and visualization of the stock on hand very effective, as well as the on-line stock items adjustment.’
Tillypad allowed to set up various promotion types and discounts for the customers of Dom Kultury: for example, if you share news about kitchen opening on your social network page, the bar offers 30% discount off your bill; and if you share the best photo from the shisha lounge with the hashtag, you get a complimentary pot of Pu'er tea or a glass of mulled wine. You can also get free Pu'er brewed on cherry juice if you provide a code word received when ordering hookah.
In the near future, Dom Kultury plan to install new workstations for the bar staff and involve the specialists of Proxy-Service Ural to develop sales reports by sales department for each shift.