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Tillypad in 'Malibu' located near Moscow

Another large site in the Moscow region—Malibu, a hotel and entertainment complex,—has upgraded to the latest version of Tillypad. The size of the resort and the high number of restaurants and entertainment centres determined the time required for the upgrade. The full process took a few days but the new features of the updated Tillypad allowed the resort to improve the service quality and increase the execution speed of internal tasks within the first week.  
The resort, located near Moscow and created to look like a tropical island, includes several mini hotels, a hotel with a banquet area on the rooftop, restaurants, a dock for yacht owners, several beaches and a real frigate, which in summer serves as a hotel and a scene for taking unforgettable photos. The resort is located 9 miles from Moscow in a picturesque bay with ancient pine trees.
Malibu has been automated with Tillypad from the day it opened its doors in 2004 when only a few of its venues were working compared to those existing today.  The new scope and aims of the resort have led to the decision to upgrade from the classic version of Tillypad to Tillypad 9.6.
Today, Malibu works on a completely updated equipment, which—in addition to POS terminals—includes tablets for taking orders. Using these tablets, the administrators take orders from tables during peak hours and instantly send them to the kitchen. Moreover, the restaurant staff can now easily plan and serve banquets, quickly receive the latest sales data both in the restaurant and in the central office. The administrators and directors can view web reports about the operation of the resort—these reports can be sent as an email on schedule or be instantaneously requested at any time.
Various restaurants are located here and there on the 'tropical island' of Malibu, and the fusion menu is rich with international dishes: Mexican quesadillas, Caucasian BBQ, Russian soups and French salads. The dishes are prepared in different kitchens, and the communication between these divisions is carried out via Tillypad.
From Malibu: ‘The new version of Tillypad has many smart tools that we're actively using every day. This includes quick corrections, extensive discount and loyalty programs, as well as Stop list and Reservations modes. Working on terminals has become faster and easier, plus the updated program has shown us how much we can do to increase the service quality day to day and motivate our staff to reach higher personal goals.’
The automation of the resort was completed by Optimal Soft, Tillypad's dealer in Moscow.