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In one of the world's most northern clubs

One of the world's most northern cities, Norilsk, has a ruthless drawn-out winter, long polar days and a bright midnight sun. The harsh arctic climate and sunny summer nights have made clubbing one of the most popular entertainments. Club One is different from other dance floors in Norilsk — it only starts getting empty around midday thanks to its singular mind-blowing and crowd-gathering afterparties.
However, a consistent high number of customers does not necessarily mean good income. Tillypad was implemented in Club One in winter of 2016 after the management of the company had reached a firm decision to eradicate the errors in the bar operation, reveal and curtail staff misuse and find bottlenecks in storekeeping and accounting. Their program at the time was not able to show pricing miscalculations and reveal the mistakes made by the purchasing and store departments, thus impairing the understanding of missing income streams.  Just one week after the installation, Tillypad helped detect some major flaws in the wine and cocktail list, set up strict marginality monitoring procedures and create a loyalty system with club cards.
Tillypad has changed the familiar routine of all club employees. Waiters can send order tickets to the bars directly — they no longer need to through the club's hallways. Barmen can now notify the waiters that the drinks are ready without shouting over the loud music. The storekeeper was beyond happy about not having to prepare reports to detect store errors: all mistakes are now shown in sales records; using them, you can easily track self-cost and negative stock on hand. Having a detailed information about each regular customer, the marketing specialist was able to study the audience, figure out the frequency of returning visits and determine the popularity of menu items. Together with the managers, the owners have identified dishes and drinks with a negative markup, reworked the menu and recreated operational routines in the bar, kitchen and store.
Elnur Ismailzade, club's CEO: 'Before we switched to Tillypad, we had for a long time worked blind. We hadn't seen the real income, and I'm not even talking about knowing the revenue from each drink. Thanks to this system, we quickly managed to sort out stock control, menu, marketing and purchases. I think that a clear record-keeping system is an essential tool for any restaurant, especially in the current economic conditions. This makes Tillypad a must-have for any restaurant, bar or club who doesn't want to lose money.'
The automation of the club was completed by IT Concept, Tillypad's dealer in Norilsk. Alexey Maslov, IT Concept Director: 'Tillypad was set up at a rather fast pace. We started on Wednesday — and that includes preparation time as well — and finished by 10 p.m. on Friday. I'd call it quite a good result. The last step of the automation process was staff training. It is quite remarkable that Club One employees mastered the most important functions of the program just after half an hour. The user-friendly front office interface really helps with the learning.'
IT Concept configured 5 Aura order ticket printers, 3 Shtrikh-M fiscal registers and 3 Asus all-in-one PCs, as well as integrated bank terminals manufactured by Injeniko.