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Tillypad in Samara

In April, our partner Toller has automated a cafe called 'Oil-painting' with Tillypad. The owner has played around with the name of the cafe when creating the interior design. When guests come in, they see an 'art gallery' where French cuisine is served.
Fast and reliable online till
'Oil-painting' is Tillypad's first customer in the area who opted for an online till. The cafe owners together with the integrators selected FPrint-22PTK as their fiscal register. High printing speed up to 200 mm/sec. and automatic tape cut-off makes the payment process even faster. The cash register tape can be replaced in seconds — FPrint-22PTK uses the drop-in tape.
Better safe than sorry
The cafe's video surveillance system is integrated with Tillypad. A 24/7 camera is located above the till. In case of any dispute, the owners can always check the guest tabs that were open in Tillypad at that moment against the video records. The video that was made at the exact same time when an operation was carried out can be easily found and displayed on the screen.
Even when there's no cause for such interventions, it's important to keep things under control. To be able to make managing decisions in a timely manner, the owner of 'Oil painting', just like any other business owners, felt the need to stay tuned to the key business trends. This is why every evening, Tillypad e-mails him three important reports: till report, cash flow report and stock on hand.
The owner also plans to open a banquet hall nearby. The planning and serving special events will be much easier with Tillypad's Reservations mode.