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Tillypad in Shell Yes! SeaFoodBar in Moscow

In the middle of June, a small seafood restaurant with a witty name — Shell Yes! SeaFoodBar — opened in the very heart of Moscow. From its first day, the bar has been equipped with Tillypad.
During summer, Shell Yes! SeaFoodBar works from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. In the meantime, while the restaurant is only open in the evening, the chef is putting the finishing touches on the menu and experimenting with different food items by adding or removing certain ingredients. Thanks to Tillypad's smart modifier system, the chef and managers do not need to calculate the price for each new dish, industriously created by the chef every day. Instead, they use a basic dish version from the menu and simply add additional ingredients.
Since the restaurant is only open during evening hours, the managers are not fully occupied. However, sales info can be requested at any moment. Thanks to WebReports, Tillypad XL's online service that can be accessed from any mobile device, the owners of Shell Yes! SeaFoodBar always have all sales data at their fingertips. Your laptop or smartphone screen will show you the till report, staff performance report, promotion report, ABC report and 8 more insightful statistics for any given period.
The restaurant serves wild and exotic fish, six kinds of shellfish, mussels, octopuses, shrimps and calamari. All fish is attractively displayed on ice at the bar counter, which also serves as the kitchen. Guests will also appreciate the interior design: the building with a history boasts renovated pre-revolutionary plasterwork and parquet flooring. The walls are decorated with dinnerware from the beginning and mid-20th century. 
Shell Yes! SeaFoodBar was automated by Optimal Soft, Tillypad's dealer in Moscow.