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Tillypad in Turkmenabat's largest shopping mall

In the beginning of 2016, a huge shopping mall, Dowrebap Market, opened its doors in Turkmenabat, Turkmenistan's second-largest city. With over 26 square yards of floor space, the mall contains an in-house bakery, a spacious food store, Turkmen brand shops, a children's play set and a supermarket. After the customers finish their shopping, they can relax in one of the three restaurants on the last floor of the mall.
Several international companies took part in the food court automation tender, and for the first time in the history of this developer, the contract was signed with a local company, which is managed by Akmurad Annageldyev, Tillypad's dealer in Turkmenistan. For Akmurad Annageldyev, this was a large and important project. This automation project incorporated the implementation of the system in one restaurant with a classic table service and in two fast food venues: a burger house and a national cuisine cafe. To organise the cooperation of a multi-ethnic restaurant team, some reports were translated into Turkish.
The automation of the food court became a classic example of the automation of a fast food venue (two POS terminals are used to serve the guests on a first-come first-served basis), while the implementation of Tillypad in the restaurant was a much more intricate task. Restaurant patrons receive tablets with an e-menu and can select their dishes digitally. The waiter then submits the order using an Android smartphone. Depending on the shop, with which a given dish is associated, the order item is sent to the bar, restaurant kitchen or one of the two fast food kitchens. This structure allows the restaurant both to increase the service speed and to optimise the cooks' working time. Since all kitchen employees only prepare the dishes they specialise on and are always fully occupied, the restaurant saves money on payrolls, while the guests enjoy the unfailingly good food quality.
Having installed Tillypad on three sites, Akmurad Annageldyev is not planning to rest on his laurels. Instead, he is planning to finish the translation of the program into one more language, Turkmen, and to configure report export into Aytida, a recordkeeping software used by the supermarket. This way, the owners will be able to manage the finances of all venues in one system.
Dowrebap Market is Annageldyev's second large-scale site. In 2014, Akmurad Annageldyev automated six restaurants in Ashgabat's largest shopping mall Yimpash KST, with two more following in 2015.