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Tillypad integrated with UDS Game app

‘Marketing is a game in which simple ideas beat the complex ones’ is a slogan of the UDS Game application now integrated with Tillypad.
 The integration has been implemented by the official representative of Tillypad in the Urals, PROXY SERVICE Company, by order of UDS Game.
UDS Game is an international loyalty system allowing the users from any country to get discounts in all the companies engaged in the programme. The UDS Game's participants can avail themselves of promotion deals in various venues and take part in remuneration system for their recommendations in social networks.
For entrepreneurs, UDS Game is a comprehensive business solution for attracting and retaining customers: the app’s users can get discounts and bonuses when recommending favourite venues to their friends, whereas business owners get a well-handled word-of-mouth marketing. In-built CRM system adapted to game activities administrating provides information on customer relationship marketing. Besides, it helps you in optimising the services and channels of communication with customers.
How the UDS Game's integration with Tillypad works
  1. The client tells a code to the waiter who enters it in the POS. Then, the system automatically connects to the UDS Game server and returns the client’s data: discount rate and accumulated points.
  2. If the client has a discount, Tillypad automatically applies it to the bill. Should the client wish to spend his/her points, Tillypad will write them off in the form of an absolute discount, in which case the bill will include the ‘Points deducted’ line, with the number of points deducted from the customer’s account.
  3. After the bill is printed out and paid for, the details regarding the discount, the bill’s total, and the points spent are forwarded to the UDS Game's server.
The integration with UDS Game is visually simple and easy to operate. All the required information is available on the POS terminal in real time: the waiter can immediately see the details of the client, whether the discount has gone through, and the points that have been deducted.
The app is based on the three following concepts:
  • 'Different Advertising'. Implementation of referral marketing to traditional business areas serves as an alternative to expensive ads.
  • 'Supply and Demand'. This mobile application answers the needs of both the restaurants and their guests.
  • 'Marketing Mix'. The app allows your business to use various types of marketing tools.
The UDS Game's wide array of features ensures better customer service and communication. Here is what makes it tailor-made for your business, among other app's highlights:
  • configuration of any loyalty programmes;
  • dedicated set of recommendations for each business;
  • quality control of staff operation;
  • online catalogue of dishes and special offers.
GIS Company, the developer of the application, appeared on the IT markets of Russia and neighbouring countries in March, 2014. As of June 20, 2017, the number of downloads for iOS and Android app versions in Russia has been 697 964, in Kazakhstan—214 364, in Ukraine—7 916. Besides, the UDS Game is in considerable use in other CIS countries and Europe.