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Tillypad is now in Beerburg

On June 19, the city of Lipetsk saw the opening of Beerburg, the first bar venue from the draught beer boutique chain of the same name. The bar was automated by the Market Master company, which specialises in software implementation and configuration in shops and restaurants.
Traditional Russian and German cuisine, over 20 reasonably-priced sorts of beer and restaurant-level service are what make Beerburg stand out from the other establishments in the chain. Only a few days after opening its doors, the bar has already become a popular locale in the city. Its convenient central location, cosy Bavarian-style interior design and interesting loyalty programmes have attracted the attention of Lipetsk’s young people, city tourists and patrons looking for a unique place to celebrate special events.
Beerburg uses two service approaches. The first approach is for guests who sit at the bar and pay for their orders immediately. These payments are taken by the bartender. Customers can also order draught beer for takeaway here. Guests who choose to dine at tables enjoy table service and can order lunch specials and more elaborate dishes from the servers. Both service approaches have their own specific features, which is why they each use a separate operating mode in Tillypad XL. The bartender accepts payment immediately after taking the order and does not generate a bill; therefore, the best mode for this approach is Fast Food mode. The service approach for sit-down customers is more nuanced: waiters take orders and send them to the kitchen via Tillypad; they can also offer customers additional dishes from the menu and add new items to guest tabs at any time. This service approach works best in Restaurant waiter mode, with payments being taken in Restaurant cashier mode.
In the new Beerburg, like in other venues of the chain, customers can order draught beer for takeaway. With over 20 sorts of foamy brew, it can be hard to choose just one. Guests often want to try several different drinks on a single visit. How convenient that in the most recent version of Tillypad XL, 9.4, you can decrease quantity (portion size)! This allows you to make quick, error-free calculations for customers who want to purchase multiple types of beer in small volumes: the volume/quantity (litres) and the number of portions (glasses) are two independent values. Any number of glasses of any volume can be sold via Tillypad XL. The order total will be recalculated automatically based on any adjustments that are made.
Mr. Potashov, General Manager of Beerburg: "Our bar has just opened, but even within the first few days we've come to appreciate the software. Our first step was to create a menu, and we really liked that the program allowed us to make drafts first – this is especially useful when you're just opening your business. Soon after we opened, we started authorising employees via plastic cards and keeping an automatic record of the hours they worked - it turned out to be a fantastic tool. The hours I would have been spending on enforcing good discipline, I now spend on business development.
Additionally, the features that allow us to sell items by weight and print labels help us to sell takeaway dishes and drinks—and to do it properly and in style. Modifiers are another useful feature that lets us respond to customers' individual preferences.
Using Tillypad XL, we have started to develop loyalty programmes and implement bonuses and discounts; now we use swipe cards to identify our regular customers. Tillypad took on the entire technical implementation and statistical analysis of our marketing campaigns. We’re hoping they’ll help us develop both the new Beerburg bar and other venues in our chain."