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Tillypad launches apps for Apple iOS

Tillypad has released a new application that allows the iPod touch, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad to be used as Tillpad XL POS terminals. The application is officially licensed and available from the App Store.
The iOS application was developed in response to client’s requests to adapt Tillypad XL for use with Apple hardware, which is available across the country and fairly popular. In the hands of waiting staff, an iPod Touch is more than just a flashy gadget – it’s a fully-fledged POS terminal. Waiting staff and bartenders can take and send orders to the kitchen before the waiter has even left his guests, receive order-ready messages from the kitchen and print out bills or tabs right beside the customer.
With Tillypad XL running on an iPad, the floor manager always has access to complete information about customer service, seating availability and can monitor sales exclusions and all staff performance reports.
For owners and directors, the Tillypad XL app provides a mobile office that will run on any of the listed devices, providing all the required operational reports with up-to-the minute information about their business.

The Tillypad XL POS application for iOS has passed the full App Store licensing process. It has been available for free download at the 8th of October. Installation is simple and the intuitive interface is easy to configure.

Tillypad XL POS on the iPod Touch, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad is not an accessory, it is a fully functional mobile POS solution that will make all aspects of the restaurant business easier and more convenient for everyone involved.