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Tillypad on the steep slopes of HILLPARK

In January, ITLip—our partner in Lipetsk—has completed a challenging and rewarding project. They used Tillypad to automate HILLPARK, a ski resort for the entire family. Want to know how guests can pay for their meals throughout the entire resort by using their ski passes? Just keep reading!
How did it go?
On the eve of the New Year 2017, a renovated ski resort opened its doors in the Lipetsk region. It all started three years ago when a new village started growing next to an unremarkable slope.  Until quite recently no one could have imagined a ski resort in the South of central Russia—but now HILLPARK is a beloved holiday resort of many local residents. This year, HILLPARK has been thoroughly updated and renovated.
A great fan of skiing and snowboarding, Alexey Voloskov, co-owner of the resort, has admitted that he had nursed the idea of a ski resort his entire life. He had wanted to share his love for sports and a healthy life style with as many people as possible. Some time ago he found a new investor and co-founder—Sergey Pivovar, a well-known businessman from Lipetsk. In a short time, they updated the infrastructure that reached a game-changing technical level. Within less than a year, the resort was equipped with new artificial snow-making machines, as well as video surveillance and sound systems. A special ski simulator was installed for the beginners. New skis and snowboards were purchased for the rental centre. And finally, reconstruction included a complete revision of the resort's automation system. 
How does it work?
Snow, slopes, speed, ski passes and Tillypad
HILLPARK has it all: downhill skiing, snowboarding, tubing, an easy slope for children, a free ice rink, a ski simulator and a snow park.  When you're skiing, time spins away so fast that it makes sense to buy an unlimited ski pass for a.m. or p.m. hours or even for the entire day.
There are multiple ways you can pay in HILLPARK: with cash or by using your credit card. However, the most convenient way to carry out all payments within the ski resort is to purchase a Ski Pass card, load it with money and use it for everything. No need to take it out of the pocket to pay for the lift: sensitive readers instantly read the pass even under thick clothing.
To integrate the Ski Pass system, Tillypad, ITLip and Ertel have cooperated to develop a new authorisation, CONTOUR.
Bar & grill, bistro and restobar: three concepts, one Tillypad
Outdoor activities mean a high metabolism. Three restaurant conceptions—bar & grill FREESTYLE, bistro VIRAGE and cafe DOWNHILL—invite the guests to relax and recharge. Like everywhere in the resort, you can pay here with your ski pass, credit card or cash. Tillypad helped to set up several promotions: various discounts, special offers and free drinks on public holidays.
Oleg Shashin, Business Director of HILLPARK: 'We're proud of how we have organised our restaurants to take into account all of our guests. Those who plan to spend most of their time on the slopes will find hot coffee, tea and glogg in our FREESTYLE Bar & Grill located outside. To have a quick bite, guests can go to the VIRAGE bistro, while the DOWNHILL restaurant is a perfect choice for a hearty lunch or even a black-tie dinner. I am sure that this will satisfy all of our customers, even the most sophisticated gourmands. I must confess that keeping up an haute cuisine so far from the urban centres is not an easy task. But we're going to develop a delivery and a catering service for local residents.'
ITLip and HILLPARK plan to implement an app for making orders online and set up a web delivery system.