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Tillypad soars up to the 'Clouds'

Chelyabinsk's highest restaurant has opened on the 27th floor of the BOVID business centre. Like the other 10+ venues of the BOVID holding company, the Clouds restaurant has been automated with Tillypad. Located at the top of a multi-storey office building, the restaurant's sky deck provides an amazing panoramic view of the city. At night, when the city comes alive with thousands of lights, the view becomes even more enchanting. During major holidays when the sky is illuminated with fireworks, the restaurant is booked to the last table.
As they ‘float in the clouds', guests are able to enjoy a bird's-eye view of the city, relax on the soft, comfortable couches, listen to chill lounge music and enjoy haute cuisine. During the day, the respectable ambience of Clouds is ideal for hosting top-level business meetings, while in the evening the restaurant attracts guests who want to leisurely spend time with friends and family. After 9 p.m., activity in the restaurant moves towards the bar, where drinks from a range of international brands are served.
Clouds’ location, luxurious interior design and fine cuisine demand nothing less than impeccability. At a restaurant that always has to be at its best, delays and mixups are unacceptable. Tillypad, having proved itself to be a fast and reliable program, has once again been selected by the owners.
Ivan Baylov, general director of Grand Hotel VIDGOF: 'For us, perfect service means, at the very least, fulfilling the expectations of guests who come to Clouds looking for an unparalleled experience. We have known Tillypad for quite a while since we utilise it in our other restaurants, and thus were confident that the program would never let us down. Instant communication with the kitchen, interactive seating layouts with information about open guest tabs, emergency notifications, ingredient tooltips for every dish—all this helps us stay quick, attentive and knowledgeable, which allows us to offer our customers a very positive experience. Tillypad's back office functions are user-friendly and informative for our chef, accountant and manager. They help all our employees work as a team and keep tabs on stock movement and financial data.