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Tillypad supports partners and social networks

Tillypad supported the initiative of its partner PROXY-SERVICE Ural and took part in a training seminar for restaurateurs and hoteliers on how to promote restaurants and recreational establishments in social networks in Checlyabinsk on November 9th.
At the seminar there was a demonstration of the Tillypad XL restaurant EPoS system and a speech from Tillypad's marketing director. The event was organised by the magazine Vybirai and the "Golden fork" restaurant award with support from PROXY-SERVICE Ural. The theme of the meetings was "How to make friends with customers, or 116 tools for efficient promotion in social networks". The author and host was Sergey Dolgov, who has been involved in communications and their application to business tasks for more than 10 years.
The interesting and relevant theme gathered 35 people, among which were representatives of the most varied organisations in the hospitality and catering industry, and journalists who also found out a lot of new things at the event.
Sergey Dolgov covered not only the theory but also generously shared his experience of working in this field. He showed a lot of successful and not very successful examples of working with social networks and even took apart some companies' social media pages for clarity.
PROXY-SERVICE Ural demonstrated the Tillypad XL restaurant EPoS system, which aroused genuine interest among those present. After that, Tillypad's marketing director made a speech.
He talked about Tillypad's new loyalty programme for restaurateurs and partners, based on popular geolocation services such as Foursquare. For the first time the company plans to work directly with restaurateurs, and, moreover, everyone’s a winner, including guests of the establishments, who will receive presents from Tillypad.
To take part in the programme, a restaurateur needs two things: a restaurant running Tillypad XL and a desire to attract customers to his restaurant.
In summary we can say that participation in such an event is an excellent example of an intelligent initiative by a Tillypad partner. The original and popular theme of the event attracted the required target audience, and PROXY-SERVICE Ural’s presentation of Tillypad XL and the speech by Tillypad's representative significantly increased the knowledge and loyalty of the gathered restaurateurs of Chelyabinsk.