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Tillypad XL 9.4 is now available for installation

The new 9.4 version of the Tillypad XL hospitality management system has been released. The system now offers professional tools for managing restaurant deliveries via a call centre. These tools ensure smooth workflow and reliable Customer  Call centre and Call centre  Food production communication. The new release also contains a KDS mode with touch screen capability, a solution that facilitates recordkeeping for identical stock items from different suppliers, and new functions that make searches faster and easier and, as a bonus, facilitate report generation based on results.
Interactive management of prep and serving: KDS mode
Tillypad XL 9.4 now has a new mode, Kitchen Display System. This mode was created to facilitate item prep and service flow, including dish preparation in the kitchen and order assembly and serving. As soon as a waiter or cashier enters an order into the system, its items instantly appear on the kitchen display. Once the chef indicates that the dish is ready, the order's status is updated on the serving line display. Order ticket management using an electronic queue offers an array of advantages: the queue is visible to every member on the production team, no slips get lost, and you never have to worry about running out of paper at the worst possible moment. In addition, you do not need to purchase expensive programmable keyboards to be able to manage orders. The system supports touch screens and allows you to move orders to the next stage with just one touch on one device.
The same technology is used for automating fast food establishments where the order queue is shown on the customer display. Customers can track the preparation of their order by watching its number on the display.
Two modes created specifically for professional delivery management
Tillypad XL 9.4 provides a comprehensive solution for restaurants that run their delivery services through an off-site call centre.
Specific features have been developed for both delivery service operators and restaurant staff. Call centre operators communicate with customers, monitor food production processes and control order completion. Restaurant employees who receive orders from the call centre are responsible for dish prep, order assembly and courier delivery. This is why each operational division in Tillypad XL has its own delivery mode.
Delivery call centre mode allows you to distribute orders among restaurants and the locations where they will be prepared, instantaneously track order statuses and, if necessary, give customers more exact information about delivery time after taking an incoming call or contacting the customer, which can be done in a single click. The operator only sees the most up-to-date information, as all changes made by production line staff are immediately applied to open guest tabs.
Employees in the restaurant where the order is being prepared and assembled use Delivery via call centre mode. This mode is used to manage prep, assembly and delivery processes and does not include any direct contact with customers.  Restaurant employees manage order statuses, print receipts, and assign, send out and carry out monetary transactions with couriers. Order statuses are also instantly updated in call centres, which ensures that restaurant customers always have the most relevant information about their orders.
Simple Delivery for local restaurants
In standalone restaurants, delivery operates without a call centre and can be organised such that all business processes, from taking orders to receiving payments from couriers, take place in one restaurant. For these venues, Tillypad XL offers Delivery mode, which allows you to manage every delivery step from a single interface. Version 9.4 offers several updates to this mode. You can now assign the Preparation complete status from the context menu — this facilitates business processes in restaurants where chefs cannot confirm whether an order is ready using a Kitchen Display (KDS) or order ticket scanner. Additionally, the Payment via courier screen now displays the delivery address in addition to the order number. This allows the delivery manager to easily link guest tabs with the totals due from a courier for a particular shift.
Your call centre’s needs fulfilled with voice over IP and mini CRM
The fewer steps a delivery manager has to take, the less time the customer spends on hold. And the shorter the wait on the phone line, the less likely that orders will fall through because of impatient customers. All three delivery modes are integrated with Asterisk, a modern voice over IP system. The delivery window now opens automatically as soon as the operator answers a customer phone call, and the Phone field is populated automatically. If necessary, the operator can press the Call customer button to call the phone number, which is saved in the system.
Goods nomenclatures: stock item substitution with zero confusion
When the kitchen runs out of a stock item of a certain trademark, it can be replaced by a similar item from a different brand or supplier. Previously, such substitutes could cause difficulties during stock movement. Tillypad XL 9.4 allows you to save different goods nomenclatures as a single stock item. Indicating several goods nomenclature options for stock items makes stock control significantly easier.
Search and filter features have become even simpler to use, allowing also for faster report generation.
  • We have improved our search system so that you can now modify a search to look up words that begin with the entered term; previously, search results could only include all entries that contain the entered characters. In addition, you can limit searches to one data grid column.
  • Another new feature that will facilitate your work with data grids is the option to simultaneously apply multiple context menu parameters. To select multiple values from the context menu, press and hold Ctrl.
  • Data grid columns containing data in the ‘date and time’ format can also be filtered by day of the week. This allows you to determine how your sales depend on what day of the week it is.
  • You can now add your own values to report filters and create customised reports based on selected filters.
In addition, Tillypad XL 9.4 offers:
  • display of delivery statuses in the guest tab list
  • permission to delete guest tab payments
  • permission to recalculate compound stock items in store record specifications via the Recipes containing stock items report context menu
  • clearer note display
  • unique note value display in windows and data grids
  • display of the reason an order item is being deleted in a void ticket (client refusal, decrease in quantity etc.);
  • permission to simultaneously edit quantity and number of portions in submitted orders
  • quick revocation of all promotion categories for a guest
  • easy login on PDA devices
  • navigation through entry fields in Delivery mode via the Tab key on a physical keyboard
  • data update acceleration in Restaurant cashier mode, as well as other improvements
All these features and more will become available after you upgrade to Tillypad XL 9.4.