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Tillypad XL advances on Europe

"By visiting the Show, you will come away with the one product or idea that can make the biggest difference to your business." We can confidently apply this proud statement from the organisers of The Restaurant Show 2011, held in Earls Court in London from the 10th to 12th of October, to many of the attendees who visited the Tillypad stand.
Tillypad’s participation in The Restaurant Show 2011 was yet another step in the move into the European market, a process which started after taking part in the Hospitality show in Birmingham this year. After a successful show, Tillypad collected and thoroughly analysed information about the European hospitality management software market, trained new staff and opened offices in the United Kingdom and Germany. As a result of this careful preparation, three pilot projects with Tillypad XL are underway, two in a London restaurant holding and one in the Peterhof restaurant, part of an international cuisine chain in Berlin.
The Restaurant Show 2011 marked a new step in Tillypad’s development. The show is one of the largest events of its kind in Europe, and especially in the United Kingdom. Tillypad’s big, bright and beautiful stand in the middle of the exhibition hall attracted the attention of event participants and visitors.
No less intriguing was the hardware on display. Visitors took great interest in trying out the POS terminal, printer, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch all connected to Tillypad XL via WiFi. They sent remote tickets and receipts wirelessly to the printer, viewed information about table waiting and played around with reports. Tillypad XL gave a fresh perspective on restaurant management systems and offered new possibilities to make the business better and more effective.
Organisers of the event thanked Tillypad for their outstanding work at the show. Tillypad, the only company representing Russia at the event, successfully promoted its product on the European market.