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Tillypad XL brings cultures together

Tillypad XL is now in the Republic of Kalmykia, a region in the south of Russia. In early March 2015, the Taltakhna company completed automation of the Chachir cafe in Elista, Kalmykia’s capital city.
Chachir is a locale that will undoubtedly strike the fancy of the residents of Elista. Its owners, experienced in managing several large Moscow-based franchise chains, drew on their knowledge to implement successful administrative and culinary solutions at Chachir. Within just a single year, the restaurant has been turned into a platform for concerts and entertainment programmes where visitors can also enjoy delicious Japanese, Italian, American, European and local Kalmyk cuisine.
Cognizant of the fact that smart loyalty programmes are a driving force behind business growth, Badma and Basana Soyativ regularly run marketing campaigns and provide discounts for their regular customers. And since March 2015, Tillypad has been helping them do just this. Chachir’s regular customers receive cumulative cards, which give them discounts of 10-30%. Tillypad XL reports have already shown that the use of discount cards at Chachir has increased the likelihood that customers will come back, while other promotions (such as free desserts, gifts with orders over a certain amount, and ‘buy two cocktails, get one free’ promos) increase average bill totals and, accordingly, general revenue.
Ayta Gavgayev, Taltakhna: ‘When faced with the task of selecting a POS system for Chachir, we didn't hesitate for a moment. Tillypad XL is a constantly-improving program with modern architecture, open source code and tech support. This means that, should the customer require this, I can add additional functions and configure non-standard reports at any time. For example, in the near future, Chachir's management is planning to announce an internal contest: waiters will compete to sell the most of certain menu items. To keep track of the contest, we will create a special report where sales will be broken down by employee. Another modification we plan to implement is automatic sending of the last of certain menu items to the stop list.  This solution is perfect for a venue that wants to keep a couple extra menu items on hand just in case. For example, cafes and restaurants usually purchase a small quantity of desserts; stop list limits can be set up to keep the last cupcakes from selling out.
In fact, we've already implemented a solution of our own making at Chachir: in Payment mode, you can now select the "non-payer" option—this was made for employees, who can eat at the restaurant for free. In addition, thanks to this solution, you can also view dishes and the totals spent on each employee.’
Chachir is developing together with Tillypad XL! The restaurant will soon open outdoor pavilions with seating for up to 80 people.