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Tillypad XL is now deployed at one of the largest hotel chains in Russia

The Tillypad XL hospitality management suite has recently been deployed at AMAKS, a large hotel chain consisting of 20 hotel complexes in Russia and Belarus.
The AMAKS hotel chain comprises business hotels, touristic complexes and healthcare institutions. Each of them is a separate complex consisting of a luxury hotel, a conference centre, entertainment center with bowling, pool, night clubs, fitness, parties etc. With all of this, there were 58 sites of the AMAKS chain that Tillypad deployed their management suite at, including 15 restaurants, 16 bars, 7 night clubs as well as canteens, bowling clubs and pool clubs.
One of the largest chains in Russia, AMAKS keeps developing rapidly. That is why, to be able to unify all the service processes using the latest technologies, “AMAKS Hotels & Resorts” decided to deploy Tillypad XL. “AMAKS Hotels & Resorts” also required the centralized control of the whole chain which they had lacked before deploying Tillypad XL.
Tillypad XL allowed to elaborate unified working principles for the whole chain, create a single stock item directory and organize all the information on the work of the whole chain. Although each site of the chain still works independently, the information on its work is gathered in the central office, which considerably simplifies the management.
Maria Saratova, AMAKS Hotels & Resorts restaurant and entertainment center development director:
"Thanks to Tillypad XL, we now have unified service standards, which not only helps us provide better service, but also simplifies management and control. Our office in Moscow receives all the information on each site, and, which is especially important, can make changes quickly and easily.
We are also happy to say that Tillypad XL has helped us to start using modern technologies in our service. Our staff is now working with PDAs which are convenient even for checking drinks left in mini-bars.
Tillypad XL makes business management way more efficient, which is why we are planning to continue working with Tillypad".