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Tillypad XL release 22 is out

Tillypad is pleased to announce the release of Tillypad XL version 8.22.28. This new release introduces a number of changes to increase speed of service, optimise device configuration and provide management with greater staff monitoring capabilities.
Tillypad XL has a new data export-import mechanism which allows you to transfer data quickly from one database to another. Any amount of data of any type can be exported by combining them in an update package. The new mechanism is especially useful when installing Tillypad XL as it allows you to create a standard set of user roles, stock items or databases and use them when connecting a new outlet or workstation to Tillypad XL.
Changes have also been made to interface forms. Now when a date is changed the time remains the same, new keyboard shortcuts have been added and anchor fields have been made more user-friendly. These changes make working with data in the manager interface faster.
The new release also contains changes that improve staff monitoring capabilities. You can now view the entire history of changes made to guest tabs and bills. Management staff can easily identify and confirm misdemeanours such as repeatedly changing discounts.
Device configuration has been optimised. The system can now search for all data related to an ID. Some directories have been removed and some have been moved. Order item grouping in order tickets can now be specified at the sales settings level.
For increased speed of service and ease of use, the new version of Tillypad XL POS has improved tab and bill printing procedures and a new function for joining tables. New settings have been added to enable various methods of automatic user login and logout on POS terminals.
For more information on installation, setup and compatibility with previous releases of Tillypad XL, contact our support department by e-mail at