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Tillypad XL takes Moscow by surprise

The IX International Culinary Salon "Restaurant & Hotel World", held over three days in Moscow, is a traditionally important event for the capital's hoteliers and restaurateurs. As always, there were culinary master classes and displays of new equipment, but what made the event different this time round was the markedly increased interest in restaurant management software. Tillypad XL was represented at the event by Moscow dealer SoftAlliance.
With the introduction of a new interface and a revolutionary video surveillance system, clients were left with no doubt as to whom they should give their money. In other words, Tillypad XL just got even better. As everybody knows, Tillypad XL is a management system that is supplied ready to run in any environment from a small cafe to a massive chain. The revolutionary video surveillance system does not require any additional payment from Tillypad XL license holders.
It was this peculiarity that created the biggest impression. Video surveillance, along with most other necessary functions, is sold in competing management systems as a separate module that requires constant expenditure from the owner.
Tillypad XL's native video surveillance proved itself to be noticeably better than other such solutions on the market. Restaurateurs concurred that this is due to the complete integration with Tillypad XL and a sprinkling of inspired technical ingenuity.
Maxim Kuznetsov, general director of SoftAlliance stated that aside from the usual task of maintaining exposure, the specific focus of their participation in the event was to demonstrate the latest developments in Tillypad XL which were especially convincing when seen first-hand.
Overall, the event identified an exceptionally high level of interest in Tillypad XL among restaurant representatives, including among those who were already using other management systems.
"Regardless of the saturation of the market in the capital, our sales of Tillypad XL more than doubled from 2009 to 2010. We are seeing an increase in the number of people who want to move to Tillypad XL from other management systems. At the exhibition we made a whole host of agreements with restaurants from Moscow and the surrounding regions. And we signed partnership agreements with hardware suppliers that cover the whole of Russia", said Maxim Kuznetsov, general director of SoftAlliance.