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Tillypad XL – the best in the south

"I've been to Krasnodar, and apricots are in bloom there!" began Tillypad's marketing director, enthusing about his recent visit to the Profitable Hospitality 2011 exhibition in Krasnodar. This picturesque southern city, where summer arrives three weeks earlier than in central Russia, is paradise for those who hail from the country’s chilly northwest. More importantly, it hosts the main hospitality industry event in the entire Kuban region.
The first thing you notice as you make your way to the exhibition is the sheer volume of visitors doing the same. Then the scale of the exhibition itself hits you; several thousand square metres were occupied by restaurant equipment alone. It was in this zone that Soft-Yug, Tillypad's regional dealer, pitched their stand.
For the entire duration of the exhibition Soft-Yug, well-known to restaurateurs in the region under its trading name Bar-Service, demonstrated Tillypad XL's new interface, including its revolutionary synchronised multi-perspective video surveillance system and a plethora of other unique functions.
The Krasnodar region is rightly considered a place where most restaurant chains, restaurants and cafes run Tillypad XL. "Things just worked out that way, and we're very happy about it," remark Soft-Yug directors. Soft-Yug is one of Tillypad’s most experienced and successful dealers, with hundreds of sites throughout the region on its books.
"Everybody knows that the restaurant business in the south is often family business, and that’s why many restaurateurs who get to know Tillypad XL go on to recommend it to business partners and friends."
Tillypad went further than just exhibiting its innovative hospitality management system, Tillypad XL. A fascinating seminar titled Tillypad XL – a fresh perspective on business automation was hosted by Tillypad’s lead systems analyst Igor Postnikov as a special treat for the restaurateurs of Kuban. Some topics that provoked especially active discussion:

•    new interface ergonomics;
•    time savings achieved by interface simplification;
•    mobile solutions;
•    innovations in staff activity monitoring;
•    use of video surveillance and additional tools to identify staff errors and theft;
•    business expansion using the Tillypad XL hospitality management system.
Interest was so great that the seminar went on for twice as long as was intended. Over the course of the exhibition, Soft-Yug made agreements to install and replace existing systems with Tillypad XL in restaurants in the Krasnodar region.