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Tillypad XL update: comments on POS terminal became reality

Tillypad has upgraded Tillypad XL hospitality management system by adding an option that allows to enter comments on order’s items using POS terminal.
Now wait staff can easily provide the chef with all client’s preferences regarding meals cooking and serving. To do this, it is enough just to enter comments on appropriate items into POS terminal using on-screen keyboard. The comments are added to client’s order form, which is printed out in the cook room or bar. If required, the comments can be shown in guest tabs and in appropriate reports of the restaurant.
Such comments make the work of wait staff much easier. For example, the new option allows to customize a standard recipe or determine the recipe of an open meal as precisely as possible. Comments in a text format can successfully replace standard descriptors or can be useful supplements to them.
The new option allows to use an on-screen keyboard for entering text not only by means of touch-screen, but also by mouse, if the workstation is composed of a system unit and a standard display. Settings make it possible to enter text in both Russian and English language. The option is available in all modes of operation selected by wait staff, managers or barmen. If required it can be made available for some employees from operating personnel.
‘Updated Tillypad XL with an option of entering comments on order’s items using POS terminal is highly sought by restaurant-keepers, because it allows to enhance the efficiency of operation. Moreover, meeting exact requirements of a client improves the service and makes clients more loyal and, therefore, generates more profit,’ commented Alexander Shapovalov, Tillypad sales director.