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Tillypad XL version 9 is now available

Tillypad XL, version 9, replacing the 8.22 version, is now available.
New Modular Licensing System
With Tillypad XL v.9 you can choose what suits your needs best! There are different kinds of licences: F (Front Office), B (Back Office), S (Stock Control), R (Read Only), and any combinations from BS to FBS.
Your restaurant – Your choice of licence – Optimal budget!

Supporting 64 bit and SQL 2012
Tillypad XL v.9 also supports the latest Microsoft platform.
Speed, reliability and the most favourable prices on SQL Server 2012 included in the Tillypad XL v.9 system!

Managing the money flow
Making prepayment, monitoring and controlling money resources, refundable and nonrefundable deposits, crediting unspent deposits to regular customer accounts - all this is guest-friendly and advantageous for restaurants and clubs.

Recording working time
Do your employees have to interrupt waiters' work at the cash desk or on the terminal to clock-in or to start a shift? With Tillypad XL v.9 you do not need to wait for the guest tab or stocktaking results to be saved. You can record the start or the end time of the shift while someone else is working on the POS terminal.
Manager reports include hours worked or shifts, salaries, and bonuses for employees.

One-click access settings
To find the balance between system configuration speed and data safety is not an easy task. Tillypad XL v.9 created security level inheritance rules that simplify system configuration but still control access rights of employees to your data.
Configuring system security within minutes is now completely possible with Tillypad XL v.9!
Tillypad XL v.9:
  • monitoring changes in unsubmitted orders,
  • settings to display buttons for dishes, included in the stop or out of stock lists,
  • VAT in menu item windows and in reports,
  • configuration of a source (favourite) and a root menu group for each POS terminal,
  • updated Tillypad XL applications for mobile devices in AppStore and Google Play,
  • advanced features of the POS terminal screen and the Tillypad XL mobile application layouts,
  •  and more than 80 other new features are waiting to be discovered by you.
For a detailed list of improvements in Tillypad XL v.9 please go to