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Tillypad's clients at food festival

Last weekend, ‘O Da! Eda!’ Food Festival returned for its 6th year to St. Petersburg. In 2018, this big gastronomic event has been inspired by the Slow Food movement, focused on simple living and celebrating culinary traditions. At the heart of the movement is the aim to promote local cuisine, traditional gastronomy, organic farming, and food production. Therefore, the festival participants offered only ‘tasty, pure, and honest food’.
Every summer, this big open-air event brings together a line-up of street food vendors, artisan food producers, top brand restaurants, food experts, and, of course, hundreds of guests to participate in food tasting, seminars, workshops, and simply to have fun. This is a story about the highlights of the festival: our clients surely managed to raise some eyebrows!


Creative team of Marketplace restaurant chain made the most original display by hanging little bags with gold fish…on a motorcycle! Information for those who are concerned about the fish well-being: no animals were harmed in the making of the display! The bags were filled with oxygen and fish feed (this is how gold fish is normally transported from Asia to Europe). Finally, the gold fish was given away to those guests who wished to take them home to their fish tanks. Keeping up the best traditions of Asian markets, the chefs of Marketplace prepared their signature dishes from scratch. Dim sum, yakitori, teriyaki, kombucha, sea food, maki, mango shake were prepared in plain view of everybody, right on the spot!

Duo Band

In recent years, projects by Duo team have won general recognition: Duo.Asia was nominated as the Best restaurant 2017 by magazine, Tartarbar won the National Restaurant Award WHERETOEAT (WTE). Dmitry Blinov, a co-founder and the Head Chef of the chain, became the Chef of the Year 2017 according to WTE. At the festival, Duo team once again demonstrated their high-end skills in culinary art and shared the tricks of the trade with the participants of the organised workshops. The chefs masterfully prepared local vegetables in the particular style of each restaurant of the chain. Besides, food stalls of Duo Band restaurants offered chefs' specialities and star dishes presented in the menus of these hit venues.

Dve Palochki

Outside-the-box approach has always been the trademark of the famous restaurant brand. This year at the festival, we were bedazzled by Pan-Asian recipes masterfully reinvented by Dve Palochki team: vibrant slow-rolls with salmon or octopus, seafood burrito, squid skewers... Although most of the food was cooked 'to go', we were tempted to dig in right there at the food stall. It was impossible to resist one-of-a-kind signature meal prepared right in front of your eyes!


Marcellis restaurant presented a mix of Italian traditions in family cooking and modern street food trends. Homemade chicken fillet panini with mozzarella, beetroot and sweet potato chips followed by semifreddo for dessert, refreshing cocktails, ice-cold lemonades, and original Limoncetta––we were spoiled for choice! We all agreed on the idea, that Marcellis team successfully recreated the atmosphere of Italian family picnic in the centre of St. Petersburg.
Why did we write about the fest? Because we are excited for our clients' and their achievements! Hooray!