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To the envy of all: Chelyabinsk's Envy works with Tillypad

Tillypad has been installed in Envy, an haute cuisine restaurant in the very centre of Chelyabinsk.
A short menu and a small dining room are offset by a long wine list, as well as unusual dishes and rare wines. In Envy, guests can try trout from local fish farms, wines that are not sold in supermarkets and steaks grilled over a live fire. Sitting by the open kitchen, they can watch the preparation of their food and cocktails.
The loft-style design of the restaurant received the Best Public Design Award from White Pearl, a well-known architecture and design committee, while the restaurant's cuisine won the Opening Of The Year Award from RestoNews (Chelyabinsk). Every day, Envy keeps fighting for and winning the hearts of their guests—with the help of Tillypad. The fast and impeccable order-taking makes an exceptionally positive impression, while discounts and loyalty cards give the guests a large incentive to come back more often.
Elena Grigoryeva, General Director of the restaurant: 'The Tillypad system has become our reliable helper in the office, kitchen and dining room. We quickly got the hang of the program and loved the operation speed and simple mechanisms for creating discounts and managing bonus programmes. As a managing director, I can say that with Tillypad, it's easy to monitor staff performance both in terms of discipline and in terms of personal achievements. I can now easily nominate the best employees and keep track of the growth of my new staff members and outsiders.
I highly recommend Tillypad to all restaurant owners who want to manage a successful restaurant with a good reputation.’
The automation of Envy was completed by PROXY SERVICE Ural, Tillypad's dealer in Chelyabinsk.