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Trapeza: homemade cheese & so much more

The town of Belokurikha, situated in Altai Krai, Russia, is known as a natural health resort since the 19th century. Located at an altitude of 240 meters above sea level, it lies at the bottom of the mountain, where thermal radon-containing springs come to the surface. In 2015, on the ground floor of ‘Rossiya’ business-hotel, located in the very centre of the town, a restaurant called ‘Trapeza’ opened its doors.  Since the very first day, it has been working on Tillypad.
Although ‘Trapeza’ serve buffet breakfast mostly to the hotel residents, they make only a slight share of the restaurant’s guests.  Stunning view of Belokurikha resort, opening up from the summer terrace, attracts a great number of customers. ‘Trapeza’ is a favourite place for celebrating family events or just spending leisurely summer nights. Thanks to the loyalty programmes configured in Tillypad, you can get discounts and complimentary meals on your birthday.
‘Trapeza’ is a place with a difference: in addition to the Italian oven for roasting meat, there is also an in-house cheese dairy producing exquisite variety of cheese such as Burrata, Camembert, Limburger, Caciotta, and Sainte-Maure de Touraine. You can get a discount if you buy cheese take-away.
Spectacular cooking shows is yet another specialty of the venue.  During the shows, right in front of the guests, the chefs prepare dishes using liquid nitrogen. The Head of the kitchen, celebrity chef Sergey Ternov, has achieved astonishing results on his way to success: prize-winner of International Culinary Olympics IKA 2016 (Germany), this year he has won ‘The Battle of Chefs’ on NTV (a Russian TV channel). 
Owned by the group of companies BMG (Belka Management Group), ‘Trapeza’ is joined into a chain with 3 other venues: a large family restaurant complex, a night club, and a karaoke bar. The venues are managed from the main office through Tillypad, which allows the directors to maintain records, as well as monitor sales and consumer activities both of individual venues and of the whole chain.
All the works on setting up the automation system, installing the hardware, and configuring loyalty programmes were performed by IT Concept, official representative of Tillypad in Novosibirsk.