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Two cafes — one Tillypad

SoftAlyans Company has automated two cafes in Zheleznodorozhny, a suburb of Moscow. Even though these two venues have absolutely different menus and concepts, uniting them into a formal restaurant chain has allowed the owners to keep track of their business figures in one user-friendly interface.
Located on the main street, the cafe catches the eye of the people passing by thanks to its unusual architectural concept — it is a stand-alone dumpling-shaped building. It is always fully booked, not only because of its convenient location but also thanks to the attractive price policy and large portions of home-made dumplings, pelmeni and ravioli. The lunch can be an even better deal if you use one of the special offers set up with the help of SoftAlyans. Guests can get a discount by presenting their customer card or take advantage of sales promotions that apply during certain times of the day and receive even larger discounts and compliment dishes.
During lunch, when the dining room is full, the kitchen load increases manifold. In a busy kitchen, orders can get mixed up, delayed or lost. Here, orders are managed via a kitchen display that shows orders with coloured IDs. The automatic order timing system allows the chef and kitchen staff to prevent confusion and mixups and to adhere to the highest service speed standards. Thanks to colour prompts for each open order, kitchen staff can check their workload on the go and avoid delays.
To keep up with the cooks, waiters use tablets to take orders and instantly send them to the kitchen. During peak hours, the administrator comes to help the waiters. He can assess the situation with just a quick glance at the seating layout on the POS terminal, which demonstrates all information about guest tabs that are currently open, closed and in payment.
Two additional Tillypad licences were purchased for the accountant and the general manager who work with data both from this cafe and from the second venue, the BarBoss bar. BarBoss does not serve dumplings, but their menu contains plenty of other international dishes and a wide variety of drinks. Believing that food preparation is an art in itself, the bar management has built an open kitchen, separated from the dining room with a glass wall. Guests can also take a seat at the bar counter and watch barmen mix cocktails. They can order Dutch, Czech, Irish and English beer, both bottled and draught, and strong liquors.
The bar, as well as the cafe, has several loyalty programmes: all guests can get a free dessert from the bar during their birth month, and orders made during lunch hours and takeaway orders are sold with a 20% discount.