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Updated Tillypad at Rivas Coffee

Rivas Coffee is an atmospheric cafe set near the Ishim River embankment in Astana, Kazakhstan.  The venue has been working on Tillypad since 2011, however just recently it has migrated to the latest version of the program. The automation works were performed by our official representative in Astana, InEXE Company.
For many years, the cafe has been attracting the residents of the right bank of the city who come here to enjoy its warm and welcoming ambiance over a freshly brewed cup of Italian coffee and a delicious dessert. In summer, your perfect cup of coffee is complemented with a beautiful river view opening from the terrace. Tillypad has been with Rivas Coffee from the very start, ensuring smooth workflow and excellence in customer service.
A few weeks ago, the owners decided to upgrade the system to version 9 and implement important improvements in sales and reports. As part of the upgrade, InEXE specialists set up mailout of the reports on sales, number of customers, and average guest tab to the owners' e-mails on a day-to-day basis. Now, to manage the business efficiently, there is no need to be on the premises all the time: thanks to Tillypad, the owners can run the cafe remotely with all the sales data at their fingertips.
To attract more customers, several improvements were made. For instance, now customers can see information on special deals and discounts right on the receipt. It’s a nice touch to keep the guests informed and encourage them to make a repeat visit. When it comes to various promotions, they are applied automatically depending on the day of the week or time of day, making it easier for the staff to use them.
In the days to come, the management is planning to have WEB-reports configured so as to be able to analyse company operations online.