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Delivery mode for your restaurant

Which Delivery mode will be right for your restaurant?
Learn how you can open, manage and successfully develop a separate line of business—a restaurant delivery service.
Tillypad has three operating modes for automating the delivery service:
  • Delivery
  • Delivery call centre
  • Delivery via call centre
We will tell you all about these modes, their functions and features. You will learn how to organise an efficient delivery service in two types of venues: in an independent restaurant and in a restaurant chain with a call centre using these operating modes.
Delivery from a standalone restaurant
If your venue has a good cuisine, your guests have probably already asked you whether they can get your food delivered to their homes or offices. And even if you don't get these questions very often, why not try expanding your horizons and start receiving additional income by offering one more service?
Why should you start doing delivery if you haven't already?
  • According to Delivery Club, delivery is one of the most promising and fast-growing restaurant segments in Russia. The average bill here is even slightly higher than in orders "for here": 1604 roubles for Moscow and 1240 roubles for other large cities of Russia. The delivery market is currently growing in cities with a million-plus population. However, experts believe that this situation will change within the next one and a half or two years.
  • According to the study conducted by the NFD Group in 2015, the pizza delivery sales grew 6% in 2015 year-over-year. The study has shown that fast food and delivery segments had stable growth, while other HoReCa segments saw a bigger or smaller decline in sales.
Setting up a delivery service with Tillypad is as easy as ABC
In an independent restaurant, all processes are carried out under the same roof. The venue receives an order, prepares it, creates fiscal records and dispatches the courier to deliver the order.
When all processes are concentrated in one place, Tillypad's Delivery mode is a good choice. It was created specifically for standalone restaurants that receive orders directly, without order distribution from a centralised call centre.
In Delivery mode, employees can take orders from the customers, control order execution, assign couriers and carry out monetary transactions with them.
To avoid any lost orders and to ensure that the order will be prepared according to all comments and requirements of the customers, the delivery is divided into several stages. At each stage, the guest tab receives a corresponding status ('waiting for preparation', 'preparation started', 'en route' etc.). Tillypad ensures clear process management on every stage, thanks to which the restaurant provides an impeccable order execution speed and accuracy strictly according to the order's place in the queue and specified time limits.
To make all business processes run smoothly, the submitted order goes to the chef immediately after receiving the 'Waiting for preparation status'. Alternatively, preparation can also be started manually. To optimise delivery processes, you can set up a time limit for order preparation or time en route. This way, you will guarantee that the order will be delivered to the specified address on time.
As soon as the preparation is completed, the chef uses a barcode scanner to notify the system that the order is ready. Next, the order is assigned to a courier. The system takes care of all transactions with the couriers: together with the order, the courier receives a receipt, a bill with the printed delivery address and, if necessary, cash to provide change to the customer. At the shift end, each courier has to balance out cash received and handed over. Only when all sums are in perfect order can a business day be closed.
Tillypad's Delivery provides a smart tool for working with special requests. For example, guests can make takeaway orders or place orders several days in advance; operators can add items to already opened guest tabs if the customer decides to order additional dishes before the courier is dispatched.
Another smart feature of Delivery mode is its automatic caller identification. When the system receives a call from a number that has already been registered, a personal customer window is opened automatically. This means that the operator does not lose time on filling in the customer's contact details.
In addition, Tillypad saves the customer's order history. Knowing the caller's preferences, the operator can give individual advice on dish selection or suggest additional items for the order.
Delivery from restaurants with a call centre
Restaurant chains with multiple food preparation points, as well as delivery-only venues work with a different, slightly more complicated process. All calls are received in a centralised call centre. Depending on the delivery address, call centre operators send orders to restaurants or production shops.
Taking into account the specific structure of a centralised order distribution centre and order preparation points located throughout the city, Tillypad offers two correlated operating modes: Delivery call centre and Delivery via call centre. Thanks to two separate operating modes, the restaurant employees and call centre operators don't get side-tracked by processes and tasks outside their remit. Instead, they have a full and clear access to all information they need to do their job.
Delivery call centre mode undertakes all functions linked to order taking and distribution. Here you can also use caller ID, maintain a mini CRM database and monitor order execution steps to be able to inform the customer about the current order preparation stage and planned courier arrival time.
Restaurants and food production shops that receive orders from the call centre work in Delivery via call centre mode. If the venue is not overbusy and has all the necessary ingredients, it confirms the order. After that, the order automatically goes to kitchen. Just like in the standalone restaurant mode, Tillypad keeps a finger on all processes to prevent delays. It also won't let you close a business day with errors.
Open a delivery service in your restaurant with Tillypad, and you will see that managing this business area is not hard at all. The size of the business and the geographical dispersion of venues won't play a big role.
To learn more about Tillypad's Delivery, contact the dealer in your area.